Six Tips for Fresh Graduates

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Six Tips for Fresh Graduates
« on: June 11, 2017, 12:27:01 PM »
1. Craft a Professional CV and Cover Letter

Your CV and cover letter can best be described as a paper representation of you. Whether you will be invited for a job interview or not largely depends on how best your CV and Cover Letter describe you. The importance of these two documents which go hand-in-hand can not be over-emphasized. As such, they must be suitably crafted to make you shine. Learn to write a professional CV and Cover Letter if you don’t have one already. You may also need to evaluate your existing CV to know how best to improve it.

2. Internships/Volunteer Jobs
Forget what you might have heard before now, having valuable work experience will greatly boost your chances of landing a good job and give your career a head start. Seeing that you are a fresh graduate, taking up volunteer and intern roles will help you gain the necessary experience and exposure to secure your dream job. While most of these volunteer and intern roles may be unpaid, some actually come with stipends and other benefits.

However, you must bear in mind that the goal is not the financial reward. Need I also say that when permanent and better roles open up in any company, the interns or volunteers within that organisation are often contacted first before other applicants are considered. So write to any company of your choice and request for an intern role. Guess what? Because an intern or volunteer role is largely one that comes at little cost to the company, you will most likely be accepted.

3. Leverage on Jobs Websites and Social Media
Job search in the 21st century has gone digital. You’ll find plenty job vacancies online and the best places to be are on jobs websites. Some jobs websites are actually more effective in terms of job ad volumes, credibility and actual recruitment of users via their platforms. is one of the most credible jobs websites with tonnes of valid jobs for fresh graduates like you. Simply register, complete your profile and start applying for suitable jobs.

LinkedIn is also a very effective social media platform to build your professional network and land a job. You can use LinkedIn as a professional network to create resumes and showcase your skills and qualifications.

4. Get Additional Skills
Now that you have a university degree, it is equally important that you seek more knowledge by acquiring skills that would set you up for a fulfilling career. There are a number of professional courses and certifications you can undergo to stand out from the lot. If you are going into Digital Marketing for example,  you can start learn SEO can build have your own agency like Charlotte SEO company
There’s certainly one fail-proof way to impact your career for the long-term — develop and maintain a vast network of contacts. While you may have originally be prompted to build your network during your job search, a large pool of professional contacts has more to offer than just connections to job openings.

The benefits to establishing a strong network for your career are seemingly endless. Here are just a few ways to consider if you’re looking to boost your career with the foundation of networking.

6. Continual Development

This goes without saying. If you will continue to be relevant and move up the rung in your career and industry, you must engage in continual personal and career development. Read books, take courses, attend seminars; whatever will make you better, do it.

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Re: Six Tips for Fresh Graduates
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Thanks for sharing  :)