Impressions 2.0 Interviews: Things you should not do or say

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Impressions 2.0 Interviews: Things you should not do or say
« on: August 03, 2014, 04:59:11 PM »
Interviews are no longer that one time defining experience for most people. With the market the way it is, interviews are more or less an every-other-day event many of us has to go through. Be that job interviews, or a University Club Interview, or the tense first conversation between a private home tutor and the parents of his prospective student. Interviews are where we have a chance to prove our worth to our potential employees and show them why they must hire. Once in a while, a candidate does quite the opposite. Like any other thing we do, Interviews are all about a calm head, some preparation and avoiding certain mistakes discussed below.

Do not go unprepared
The last thing any company wants is someone who just walked in clueless about his surroundings. Do all the necessary background checks about the company and the job. Make sure you can fit in the role and the place.

Do not come dressed or made up inappropriately
How you dress really tells a lot about you. A work environment, needless to say, is not somewhere you turn up in Disco attire with fake afros and glittery pants. You need to dress in a way that reflects you have qualities employees are looking for. Formal attire is generally an implicit requirement for work interviews, and even University admission interviews. Dress sharp, stay clean. Avoid too much make up.

Keep your phone switched off or on silent mode
Ringing phones can be a source of some serious nuisance. I have personally had a rather unsavory experience in that department where the ringtone nearly gave the person interviewing me a heart attack. Thankfully it was not a job interview, but my point is, I was not accepted. You don't want that happening in interviews that matter. Even if the phone (which has to be on silent mode) does buzz, you either ignore it, or you answer and calmly tell the caller you are busy then get back to the interview.

Do not give overly general answers
People who carry out interviews have a rather tiring task of keeping up with clichéd answers. For example, “I am a hard worker” or “I am a team player”. General answers only indicate lack of creativity. “The whole point of an interview is to use the chance at a face to face interaction to stand out from the rest. You can rest assured that the rest of them will claim to have the same strengths as you do” says Ruhul Arif Amit. It's better to back up your claims with facts, Back qualities with your achievements.
“Claiming that you directly helped increase sales for a certain company is more effective than just calling yourself a hard worker. Make it even more measurable with numbers.” says Mohi Zaman. “It's best to make credible claims because your potential employers will look to verify them.”
Do not give too long or too short answers
Last thing any interviewer, who has to sit through numerous interviews per day, wants  is a candidate who either goes on ranting about irrelevant and unnecessary things forever or says nothing at all. Be precise, concise and to the point when giving answers. But do not be too minimalistic either. After all, you need enough to create the right impression. You also need to be wise about the things you say. For example, criticizing your former bosses may not create the best impression.

Do not look at your CV every other minute
It is generally discouraged, but it varies from person to person whether you should or should not do it. Opinions do vary on this subject, whereas many prefer to play it safe and diplomatic to not appear too keen on that matter.
According to Zeehad Usayed Islam from Airtel, “Personally that's a plus in my book. It shows that he's willing to look at things critically. Let's accept the fact that people work for themselves primarily. If I am not an employer of choice and I want to get top talent, I need the person in question to understand what exactly he gets out of it.”
These are what you need to be aware of to give a good interview. We all have had bad interviews once in a while. Just avoid making the mistakes mentioned, be cool, composed and confident. A good interview does not guarantee that you will be hired, considering other employees may give better interviews too. But a bad interview makes the chances tons of a lot bleaker, so watch out and play it safe.
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