How to Bold & Underline Text in Facebook Chat

Author Topic: How to Bold & Underline Text in Facebook Chat  (Read 881 times)

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How to Bold & Underline Text in Facebook Chat
« on: November 30, 2017, 10:35:02 AM »
If you are wondering how to change the font or the font color in Facebook chat, just to make an impact or to even distinguish the text from everyone else's. Then you have come to the right place.

Well, you can't change the color, but you can do other things.  As of now, you can write in bold and underline text by doing the following:

Step 1 Bolding in Facebook Chat
Use asterisks for *bold* and it would come out like this in the chat: bold.  Remember, you only have to put the * in front and after whatever you want to write.

Step 2 Underlining in Facebook Chat
Use underscores for _underlining_ and it would come out as underlining.  Just put the _ in front of and after the text you want to use.

Step 3 Bold & Underlined
If you what it to be bold and underlined, just type it like this: *_write your text_* which will come out like this: write your text.

Also, here is a list of emoticons you can use that Facebook supports:

:)  happy smile
:(  sad face
:/  undecided smile
;)  wink wink
o.O  confused face
>:(  mad / angry
^_^  cheer up
-_-  disappointed smiley
:3  frowning lips
>:O  surprised mad / angry face
:O  surprised smile
:v  pac man / pacmac
:'(  crying / upset face
:P  tongue out
:D  big smile with teeth out
:*  kiss , lady
8)  glasses / clear
8|  sunglasses / dark
O:)  angel
3:)  evil
<3  heart also can use alt 3
<(")  penguin (animal)
(^^^)  shark (animal)
:|]  gray robot
:putnam:  head
:42:  red 42
:v  pac man

Whenever I learn more, I would notify you guys.  Hope I helped.
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Re: How to Bold & Underline Text in Facebook Chat
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2018, 04:46:28 PM »
Thanks for sharing. It is really helpful.
Fahad Faisal
Department of CSE