GI Registration of Jamdani & Hilsha in Bangladesh: What needs to be done now?

Author Topic: GI Registration of Jamdani & Hilsha in Bangladesh: What needs to be done now?  (Read 491 times)

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Study on Post GI Registration Legal & Marketing Initiatives

Every county has its name and fame. The GI is a type of Intellectual Property that identifies goods as originating in a particular territory and, as a result, as possessing specific characteristics, such as quality and reputation, which are attributable or essentially due to climatic conditions or the natural or human characteristics of that territory. Geographical Indications is an emerging trend in Intellectual Property. Bangladesh also enacted this act recently and is in the process of registering its traditional and specialized products.

Bangladesh enacted the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act in 2013 and as of August 2017, 02 products have received GI (Geographical Indication) registration.

Agendas to promote the branding and marketing of GI products in domestic as well as international markets need to be designed and implemented for unlocking their commercial potential. The National Industrial Policy 2016 has identified this as a key area for policy initiatives. In this context, I along with one of my colleague Mr. Riad, Lecturer of Law at daffodil International University is conducting this study to investigate the current scenario of GI registration and to suggest some post registration measures based on legal and marketing perspectives to be taken by different authorizes.

In this article I am sharing the marketing aspects of Jamdani and Hilsha whereas Mr. Riad will discuss from legal perspectives.

Before framing a marketing strategy, it is vital to understand the gaps and challenges faced by producers/farmers/artisans and traders in leveraging market opportunities. It has been done through extensive stakeholder discussions and interviews.

Here I am sharing few appropriate strategies that has to be taken by the authority to properly market the registered products.

1.     Quality of registered products has to be ensured. It is necessary to preserve and maintain high quality in such origin-specific goods.

2.     Effective verification and controls at multiple levels in the supply chain, ensuring compliance with product specification before placing it in the market

3.     Establishing Jamdani/Hilsha/GI Products Promotion Center

4.     Developing Formal Branding Strategy

Positioning Strategy
Logo Development based on Category of the GI Goods.
5.     Creating Geographical Sign for GI Registered Products

6.     Expanding Reach in National and International Markets

7.     Setting up Marketing Development Fund

8.     Developing and Implementing a Consumer Marketing Program.

Fairs & Exhibitions
Authorize production research, marketing research and development, and advertising.
Celebrating Jamdani/Hilsha Day (Day of Registration)
Endorsing Celebrity (Sheikh Hasina)
Key influencers and opinion leaders
9.     Gift Catalogue for Private & Public Organizations and others for foreign visitors

10. Establishing a Monitoring System

Regulate the flow of product to market
The producers of GI products also find their products imitated and must fight to maintain their markets and the reputation of their high-quality products. Traceability can be a huge help in detecting fake GIs for all the operators and authorities concerned, including customs. Customs play a key role in the combating of fakes generally, and this includes fake GI products.
Develop a Central database. For example, the Producers’ Association Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino allows consumers to check the authenticity of single bottles of the Brunello Di Montalcino and Rosso Di Montalcino PDO wines, through an online database available on the association’s website.[1]
11. Creation of a website for each GI product category with following features

Product range
Highlight the unique heritage and the key differentiators for the GI brand
Display of certification or compliances
Customer reviews and testimonials
Interesting information related to the category
Links to GI database, individual producer websites
Section where interested buyers can register or post sales inquiries or solicit quotes.
A listing of key National exhibitions related to the product category/ market
List retailers (city wise) where consumers can get genuine GI products
12. Systemic studies (Impact Studies) need to be undertaken to study the real impact of the registered GI on the producers' community and the potential impact of GI protection for the goods identified for production.

Here are glimpse of the strategies we tried to develop. However, you are welcome to share your opinions, comments and ideas in the comment section.

Bipasha Matin
Senior Lecturer of Marketing
Daffodil International University

Contact: +8801743548306
Sabiha Matin Bipasha

Senior Lecturer
Department of Business Administration
Faculty of Business & Economics
Daffodil International University

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Thanks for sharing.