Willpower and self-discipline

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Willpower and self-discipline
« on: January 19, 2018, 12:56:41 PM »
Willpower and self-discipline play a major role life, leading to success if you possess them, or to failure or mediocrity if you lack them.

These two skills are vital ingredients for handling efficiently any task and for achieving any goal.

Let's Start by Defining What Are Willpower and Self-Discipline

Willpower Definitions:

The ability to control or reject unnecessary or harmful impulses.
The ability to arrive at a decision and follow it with perseverance, until its successful accomplishment.
It is the inner strength that enables you to refuse to indulge in unnecessary and useless habits.
It is inner power that enables you to overcome inner and external resistance and obstacles.
It is the antidote to laziness and procrastination.
Self Discipline Definitions:

It is the companion of willpower. It gives you with the stamina to persevere with whatever you do.
It is the strength to withstand physical, emotional and mental hardships and difficulties.
It stands for perseverance and tenacity.
It is the ability to reject immediate satisfaction, pleasure or comfort, in order to gain something better, even if it requires effort and time to gain.
When your willpower and self discipline are strong, you have the option to choose your reactions, and the option to change negative habits. These skills make you feel more powerful, confident, and in charge of yourself and your life.

Do you sometimes, feel that you lack the inner strength to take action, act assertively or persevere?
Are there any habits you want to change, but you lack the necessary inner strength to do so?
How many times you have you decided to go for a walk, knowing how wonderful you feel afterwards, but due to laziness or lack of inner strength, you stayed at home and watched TV instead?
How many times have you tried to change your eating habits, stop smoking, or get up earlier in the morning, but you didn't possess enough inner strength and persistence?
Do you start doing things, but quit after a short while?
You can change this behavior when you strengthen your self discipline and willpower.

There is a misconception in the public mind regarding the two skills we are talking about here. It is erroneously believed that their development requires a lot of mental and physical strain and effort. This is not true. You can build up these skills through simple exercises, and even enjoy the process.
Jasia Mustafa
Senior Lecturer,
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Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship
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