General Guidelines for DIU Clubs and Association

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General Guidelines for DIU Clubs and Association
« on: February 27, 2018, 03:27:08 AM »

General Guidelines for DIU Clubs and Association

1. For the smooth and well-organized operations of clubs and associations of DIU, a central Club Event Calendar will be prepared by the club and submitted to DSA Office. Every year by the second week of January; every club conveners will submit their Yearly Activity Plan (with specific event/program date) including Financial Plan (Budget) to DSA Office. Director of Student Affairs will forward the compiled documents to the Vice-Chancellor through Honorable Treasurer for necessary information/approval. DSA will keep a central calendar of all authorized club activities.

2. Every year, in the first week of January, conveners of all clubs and associations will form their New Executive Committee in consultation with the Director of Student Affairs, for the next one year and will enclose it with the Yearly Activity Plan.  Executive Members of the club must be the regular student in the university. Current Executive Committee shall set up the election process and report on the proceedings.

3. One student can’t hold the position of President/Secretary for more than one club. President and Secretary for each clubs will be selected/elected for one year only. One student cannot be re-elected/re-selected as a President/Secretary for another year, except it’s a special case. Voting by the general members to elect the executive members can be practiced, where applicable. The list of General Members will be submitted to DSA. Eligibility of members would be clear and specific.

4. Conveners of all clubs and associations will submit a Yearly Report in the last week of December to Director of Student Affairs, describing the outputs of different event/programs held throughout the year. DSA Office will forward the compiled document to the Vice-Chancellor, through Honorable Treasurer, for information. Besides, Director of Student Affairs will suggest/recommend necessary development/modification for each club/association, if necessary.   

5. Each club will have a specific e-mail address (i.e. that will be operated by the Club President. There will be a common e-mail address for the clubs (i.e. clubs@daffo..). There will be a common email address for all conveners (   

6. Clubs will concentrate on the central activities and projects, rather than departmental activities and thus before planning and organizing an event/program, club activities and departmental activities should be differentiated.  And also they should focus on outdoor programs instead of indoor programs.
7. All event/program proposals and approvals of DIU Clubs will go through DSA Office. Program approval letter will be sent to: Honorable Treasurer, Through- Director, Students’ Affairs.

8. Executive Members of the clubs should maintain good personality and etiquette. If any member is found to act in an indecent way, respective Convener will take steps and inform Director, Students’ Affairs immediately. No politics or influencing behavior will be entertained. Any such activities shall be reported and disciplinary action taken by Proctor.

Source: General Guidelines for DIU Clubs and Association

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