You'll need to know what you are living for

Author Topic: You'll need to know what you are living for  (Read 1896 times)

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You'll need to know what you are living for
« on: March 10, 2018, 03:11:30 PM »
Many people are searching right now.  You may be one of them.  Some people are searching for a job, financial stability, or something like that. Others are searching for meaning, wondering if anything in life really matters, or even if they matter.

You'll find people searching for a sense of identity, an inner knowledge of who they are.  Some search for purpose.  Others for a relationship with God, or a deepening sense of spiritual connection in whatever forms that might take. Many are searching for connection with other human beings, whether that is friendship, deepened intimacy, or someone with whom to grow old with.  And, many more are searching for a way out -- a way out of pain in all its forms, a way out of disappointment, regret, shame, anger, sadness, loss, anxiety and fear, what have you.  And, we search in the mundane too.  I lost my keys the other day, and spent three hours trying to find them. And, we search for other things that are really nothings at all, like more time, more relaxation, more confidence, less stimulation, more beauty, more happiness, information, knowledge, or skills. We search to understand, to make sense, to fix, to figure out, to achieve insight. It's always about something other than what is.

All this searching takes enormous effort too.  And, sometimes it pays off, but often it doesn't and we are right back at it again.  Worse, it pulls us out of our lives.  Searching for peace of mind can be like that.  Most people want it, but few of us can find it and keep it around long enough to convince ourselves, let alone anyone else, that we've got it. Maybe that's the problem here.  Maybe peace of mind isn’t something we have or find, but something we do, nurture, and cultivate in ourselves.  Maybe it's right under our nose.

Searching to have or be something other than I am is not a core value of mine. But understanding our core values is different.  Living our lives in alignment with what truly matters to us isn’t about searching, trying to be something other than we are.  It is living with ourselves, our histories, and going forward to create a life worthy of our time on this planet.  That kind of peace is durable.  It can’t be bought, lost, or stolen.  It’s hard, yes.  And, it can be sweet too.

But first, you'll need to know what you are living for.
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