Magnetic Power of Written Words

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Magnetic Power of Written Words
« on: September 07, 2011, 06:45:11 PM »
An Unseen Power Dislodges You From Your Comfort Zone
----by Saalik Siddikki

Last night my friend Nasir invited me over a cup of tea to discuss some personal matters.  The moment I saw him I was struck by the certainty that he was trying to deal with a challenging situation.  He visibly looked grieved, consumed and upset.

While drinking my favourite chocolate tea, he confided to me that he felt as if his self confidence had been completely drained out of him.

I knew he had been through quite rough times recently due to huge losses in business and could not get the moral support from family and friends that he was expecting.

He told me that he had to get his family car repaired positively next day, but he was not feeling confident enough to deal with the mechanic.  The last option was to delay the repair and worsen the already damaged conditions of the car.  In fact, he was left with no clear choice of his own.  

I tried to learn and analyze the reasons for his losing self confidence, but in vain.  He could not present any cogent explanation for that and I was much baffled with his inability to explain things.

I realized that there are times when we do not feel up to doing something though the task is not an impossible one.  A strange state of mind overwhelmingly takes over us and raises a strong blockade to prevent positive action thinking from resisting the onslaught of negative emotions.

I concluded that he was not willing to tell me much about it and asked him to bring paper and a pen and write down the following sentences:

    See the mechanic
    Show him the car and discuss the matter
    Get an estimate of expenses
    Negotiate and bargain
    Get the car repaired

He said he did not like the crap and that he had already tried that.  I still took the risk of his getting annoyed and insisted that he should write down the above statements.  He surrendered and did it.

I requested him to go to bed and have a peaceful sleep and to let me know the next day about how he felt.

Today, he called me early in the morning that he had made up his mind to go to the auto-workshop and get the repairs done.  I got the address of the workshop and went to join him.

The repair was going on as usual and he was sitting alone, idle and in deep thoughts and jumped to his feet when he saw me.

My interest was only in learning about what infused self confidence in him.  His shortest possible reply was “The words I wrote”.

The words he wrote pulled him out of his comfort zone and pushed him to take the required action.

The written words always act as a high-octane fuel to drive you towards your goals and convert your lethargic aptitude into action thinking that is the essence of success in life.

My friend did not want to come out of his comfort zone.  The words he wrote on a piece of paper in his own handwriting acted like a magnet and pulled him out.  He told me that he felt like that subconsciously.

I met him late in the evening while he was returning from the workshop with all the damage on his car repaired.  He looked more confident now and I could see a glow of pleasure, gratification and pride that he had achieved his goal, though not a big one.  For him, it surely was.

Whenever you set a goal to achieve, please write it down on a piece of paper with full concentration and focus of mind and see what happens next.
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Re: Magnetic Power of Written Words
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words are powerful...we need to know how to choose right word & to show it to our mind,then mind will work to implement the word....we will choose the words" we can", our mind will help us to carry out this!
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