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Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

The Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship provides the expertise, support, and connections MIT students need to become effective entrepreneurs. We serve all MIT students, across all schools, across all disciplines.

Trust Center Values:

MIT STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE AND RIGOR: We provide the highest-quality education, advising, and practical experiences.
COLLABORATION: We work closely with other MIT departments, labs, centers, and groups to connect students with the best entrepreneurship programming across the Institute, and beyond when appropriate.
DIVERSITY: Entrepreneurship requires diversity of opinion and diversity of people. Throughout our courses, advising, and programming, we combine a range of critical perspectives.
EXPERIMENTATION: Each year we try new programs and activities. If we fail, we learn. We don’t expect everything to work the first time; if it all does, we are not innovating enough.
HONEST BROKER: First, neither the Center nor its faculty or staff are allowed to take a financial interest in any of the new companies that we nurture and assist. Second, we strive to always provide our students with multiple options and educate them on the process to make an informed decision. The choice always rests with the student and the center will work to create a level playing field for the options. Our only goal is the student’s entrepreneurship education and long-term entrepreneurial success.
MENS ET MANUS: True to the motto of MIT, in all of our courses and throughout our activities, we operate on a hybrid model that fuses academic and practitioner perspectives.

To know more about their activities, you may visit the website of Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship:
Nafees Imtiaz Islam
Deputy Director
Research Centre (Office of the Chairman, BoTs, DIU) and Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
​​Daffodil International University (DIU)
​​Telephone: 9138234-5 (Ext.: 387)