How to write an Internship Report?

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How to write an Internship Report?
« on: August 08, 2010, 05:48:00 PM »
Internship Report
If you are registered for internship, you are required to submit a report on your internship project to your faculty supervisor by the end of the semester. The report consists of two parts: (a) the organization part and (b) the project part. The organization part carries 25% weight of your grade, while the project part carries 75% of the weight. The report should be written in a professional manner. It should be double-spaced and typed in a good quality paper. It needs to be bound by a hard cover with your name and I.D. number on the cover page. There is no minimum or maximum length of the report. However, the typical size of an internship report is 50 pages. You must keep a copy of your report for your own use because the report you submit to your instructor will not be returned within a year.

Internship Proposal
Before you begin work on the Project Part, you must obtain approval of your Project Proposal from your faculty supervisor. The Project Proposal is an outline of your plan of action for the internship project. Typically, the Project topic is assigned by the organization. However, if the organization does not give you a research topic or ask you to do some work which do not involve research, you have to choose your own topic for research in consultation with your faculty supervisor. Please remember that an Internship Proposal is required for the Project Part only and should include the following:

1. Introduction: Briefly describe what your internship project is about

2. Objectives: Describe what goals you would like to accomplish through your research. Do not write the objectives of doing internship. Write the objectives of your doing the study. You should explain why you have undertaken this project and what results you would expect from your study. The objectives should focus on things you would like to examine and text by collecting and analyzing your data.

3. Significance of the Study: Discuss why the topic you have chosen is important. Explain its importance to employers, employees, management practitioners, other stakeholders, and the society at large. 

4. Methodology: In this section you should describe the data (primary/secondary) and the variables (dependent/independent, continuous/categorical), data collection methods (telephone interview, personal interview, mailed questionnaire, structured/unstructured questionnaire, published statistics), data analysis techniques (graphical presentation, frequency, percentage, cross tabs, chi-square analysis, ANOVA correlation, regression, etc), data presentation techniques, and format of the report.

5. Limitations of the Study

Professor Rafiqul Islam
Dean, FBE

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Re: How to write an Internship Report?
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What is the last date of submission report?
Can one can change his or her advisor?