Things to remember when giving a presentation

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Things to remember when giving a presentation
« on: April 12, 2011, 04:35:27 PM »
A class presentation!

Do you find your hands shaking and your voice quivering at the thought of standing up in front of your class to give a presentation? Follow our 8 step plan and you'll be well on your way to giving a first class presentation.

Things to remember when giving a presentation

1. Expectations: Find out what is expected of you. Your teacher is looking to see whether you are able to carry out a piece of research and can speak confidently about it in public. If you are doing a group presentation, they will also look at how you work in a group and whether you contribute equally.

2. Prepare: Before the presentation, make sure you understand fully the subject about which you are expected to talk. Make a rough plan of what you're going to say and then check with your teacher that you are on the right path.

3. Extra work: When giving a presentation, your teacher is checking that you understood the lessons, handouts and texts on the subject. You can also impress them by doing more detailed research. Visit the library and look on the internet.

4. Be selective: It's impossible to fit everything you have learnt into a short presentation. You will need to choose material carefully and consider how you will present it. Are you going to use a white board, over-head projector, give handouts or just talk?

5. Audience participation: You might also consider getting your audience involved. What questions does your research raise; is their any room for debate or discussion? You could divide your presentation into sections and ask a question at the end of each. You might choose to end the talk with a discussion and encourage people to ask you questions to test your knowledge.

6. Keep calm: Remember that everyone else will be worrying about their own presentation, so the only person picking holes in it will be you.

7. Props: Sometimes it helps liven up a presentation if you can use relevant props. It also gives your hands something to do or hold which can be good if you get nervous and start shaking.

8. Prompt cards: The worst presentations are when someone gets up to the front of the class and just reads off an A4 sheet of paper. Write your notes onto small index cards and use them as a prompt. That way you can make eye contact with your audience and keep them interested.

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Re: Things to remember when giving a presentation
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2011, 03:07:25 PM »
Its useful for any presentation. Tips are very useful for any presenter. I'll learn surely from it.
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Re: Things to remember when giving a presentation
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2011, 12:15:35 PM »
really,helpful information to every students.
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