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Dear all

Can we discuss or can anyone suggest on how we can promote our university more and more so that we can create a brand image?


Advertisement & sponsorship!

I am afraid, madam, hardly can we create brand image just by advertisement and sponsorship.
We have to do something more than that. Branding means creating distinctive image in the people's mind. What do the business teachers and others say to that? Let's listen and discuss....

Sir, I think to make brand image of DIU we have to do lot of work. DIU have to participate in many social awareness & cultural program, have to give more sponsorship in different types of  program outside the university in print & electronic media, have to give more attractive advertisement by followup all things what we have and why we are different from other university, also can by followup our renowned  faculty members. Sir, you also gave a good example that we can congratulate the HSC students who will pass out with GPA 5 or golden GPA 5 in the next couple of months by arranging a celebration program at DIU auditorium or elsewhere. If we can also organize social awareness program like Prothom Alo (Bodle Jao, Bodle Dao), hope this kind of program can create a impression about DIU to the peoples' mind. By these things if we have a permanent campus like other renowned universities, hope it will also create a good impact in our brand image. 

YES Shibli Bhai, you are right and we can sell this seminar to other universities also where they are facing lots of problem knowingly or unknowingly.

Please keep in mind that self criticism is the best sell product ( TOOLS FOR BRANDING) now a day around the glob!

I will be at DIU on 26th morning to meet some people there.

Thanks and regards,


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