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Mustafizur rRhman:
HERE, I will describe such a motivational story that will inspire other to do something good in life.
Once upon atime, a man used to sell livelihood by sellingred,green and yellow clouredballoons.Sometimes when his sale declined, he would have flown a balloon filled with helium gases in the sky.enthusiastic children rushed to ballon seller and spld it. Theballoon seller selling his balloon by this way.Onday,after seeing a tug from the back, turned aballoon seller face saw a young boy. The boy asks,"will the blach bellon fly in the sky?"then the man said to the boy,Brother the bwlloon does not fly in the sky for clours,the inner gas balloon flies in the sky.

This is the truth of men life and this is true.It does not matter that our skin clour is black/white/fat/brite.The matter that what is inside us in the main?the thing that help us to rise above us.
From this we learn that whatever our skin clour and poverty it does not matter.Our mentality rise aabove us.What pepole say your don't give up,don't stop.IF you want tobe successfu,put cottons in the ears.Whatever pepole say,your inner manhood,talent,multiplication bring you up."the life is beautiful and you can make it more beautiful.

Mustafizur rRhman:
Today I'm going to share one of the good stories in my life.
On the last summer, I rode the bus which was for Uttara route to work. I carried very little cash and only enough bus ticket to last each week. One night as I walked to the bus stop, I met a beggar who had no legs. I stopped, opened my purse, and discovered that I had no money and no bus tickets. I apologized profusely but, frankly, was shaken because I had no way to get home. It was becoming darker,because it's not safe to stay on the road in this Dhaka city for an alone girl. I called my father but he was admitted to the hospital because of the tumor operation,so that our car was literally too busy. It was 11.30 pm and I got scared. The beggar noticed me so well. That night, I had to come to Kuril from Uttara. The beggar reached into his pouch and pulled out a handful of coins and some notes. I was so much embarrassed but I took enough for the bus, and he said, “God bless you.”
Then I realized that,by having only lots of money or every ability, a person can not be a truthful and helpful human being but he/she can be an idol human being if he/she has a good heart to help or stand besides others in any bad day.

Thank you!

Mustafizur rRhman:
It is a story about faith & dedicated doctor.

A man once become very ill with stomach ailments. He consulted many doctors. Who examined him thoroughly & diagnose stomach ulcer. Their opinion were, Stomach lining was completely destroyed & nothing much could be done to help him. Over times, the suffering man could not even eat/drink, anything whatever he ate could not be digested. His condition became even more serious. Which leads to severe, heart burn & vomiting. He could not work the day & could not sleep. One of his friend know about his problem & commended a old & very humble doctor. This ill man lost all hope, But after all, he visited to the doctor. The doctor examined him that he would be better but he would have to a strict diet & follow it religiously. The man agreed to do anything what he said. To everyone’s surprise, The doctor did not prescribe much medicine & but told him to take nutritious food, milk, bananas, eggs. The ill man started maintain it. After reached him, his wife about the new treatment & prayed to God to help him. She put her husband on bed rest & gave him milk & bananas. At first he could not digest, but with hope, he continued. After 15 day he feel better & the pain in stomach reduced. He continued maintaining diet & with hope & strength. One month passed & he was completely cured. He starts going for work & met. His savior, occasionally to sit & chat with him.

For him , his doctor was God himself who had saved him from dying. He learn the true meaning of hope & faith.


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