Entrepreneurship Development Program of BIDA

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Entrepreneurship Development Program of BIDA
« on: May 05, 2018, 12:45:14 PM »
Entrepreneurship Development Program

The Government has taken many steps for investment promotion that include building infrastructure, undertaking mega projects, making available energy and power, enhancing access to finance, reforming policies, re-designing various programs, improving tax and regulatory regime, arranging better services, improving incentive structure, creating ancillary facilities and developing institutions like BIDA.

To realize the full potential of the Bangladesh economy double digit growth is required from the current 7% per annum. The tools to attaining this is to bridge missing links one of which is ‘entrepreneurship development’ to sustain and to create entrepreneurs in a number of leading sectors like RMG, Power, transportation, pharmaceuticals etc and also in new frontiers including those in ‘sun-rise1 industries like IT, bio-tech, health care, financial services etc in other news sectors.
The rear the new entrepreneurs mentoring and financial support is of utmost important. Financing through Venture Capital or other mechanism can be endeavored.

An exhaustive entrepreneurship development program (with sector specific variation as needed) aiming at developing 300,000 entrepreneurs over a period of three years with 100,000 every year on average.
Guiding the new investors at every stage in their progression from beginning to closure of a business/ project is absolutely necessary. This mentoring/ guidance may be provided by a successful/ established businessperson with real life experience of navigating through the difficult terrain of developing a business.

Source: http://bida.gov.bd/entrepreneurship-development
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