Book Acquisition Process

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Book Acquisition Process
« on: July 28, 2018, 11:04:14 AM »
 DIU Library Book Acquisition Process
 Requisition Collection:
I.   DIU library acquisition section will Collect Appropriate Requisition from department through signature of head and approved by library Committee Chairman.
Quotation and Comparative price list
I.   Accommodating the requisitions, the list will be sent to DIU enlisted vendors for quotation
II.   Collecting the quotations, acquisition section will prepare a comparative price list for purchase
III.   Keeping in minds the standards Library Acquisition section will select the lowest price books from the quotations
IV.   For quotation vendors will fill up the following fields i.e.
SL   Authors   Title   Publisher   ISBN   Format   Year   Ed.   Print Origin   Unit Price in Bdt.
01   Dr. Sabur Khan   Employability 360   DIU   9785000213200   Hard cover   2017   2nd   United Stated   560.00
Requirements for comparative price list
I.   An application for approval of comparative price list to DIU Purchase Committee (if it is more than 5 Lac) or to DIU Procurement Committee (if it is less than 5 Lac)
II.   Requisitions
III.   Quotation of vendors
IV.   Comparative price list
V.   Selected books as per less price
Work Order
I.   A work order will be prepared according to selected books of individual vendors
II.   Work order will be printed in DIU PAD.
Book Supply
I.   Vendors have to send the books according to terms and conditions of DIU (within 30 days of work order).
II.   Vendors will attach the work order, challan and bill of the books.
Receiving the books
Library acquisition section will receive the books matching with quotation/Requisition and sign on receiving copy.
Bill Process
When the above task will be done then bill will be ready
Attachment for bill:
I.   Bill payment form
II.   Photocopy of Approval of comparative price list
III.   Challan and bill
IV.   Work order
Bill Payment
Vendors will receive the bill from DIU Accounts section.

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