Five interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI is the hot trending topic this age and going to last much longer than we think, as it’s destined to be ‘THE FUTURE’. There are many interesting facts and studies about AI to discuss about. But do you know few of these facts?

1. AI robots are mostly female:
The artificially intelligent voices you hear on a regular basis, Are any of them men? Whether its Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, or virtually any GPS system, chances are the computerized personalities in your life are women. Why is that, exactly? AI is the technology where the development of human and machine interaction is going at a higher level, where everyone wants a personalized human touch in everything from these robots. Basically we all know female voices sound much better than male voices. Secondly, female voices are less threatening more polite like everyone wants their personal secretary should be!

2. You can have a RELATIONSHIP with AI:
Scientists are developing new ‘mind reading’ artificial intelligence systems that can decode complex human thoughts just by measuring brain activity. AI is a technology which is made with the combination of machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning. All these terms gives us more understanding about humans and their behavior. Prediction is by 2050 marriages of human and AI will be legal. 

3. Using AI technology is next future of social media:
All the social media companies are in the competition of using AI to see and enhance customer experience. Facebook and Twitter are two companies essentially applying AI to match relevant content to the people. Leading this race is Google, coming across as one of the most preferred and reliable search engines. A third of the world’s population is using Social Media, and AI is playing a huge part in how businesses are communicating with potential prospects online.

4. AI Will Become Smarter Than Humans:
With AI having the ability to learn, computers are getting to be pretty smart. As of 2013, AI was about at the same intelligence level as a four-year-old and there have been lots of advances since then. For example, in 2014 a supercomputer cracked a complicated math problem called Erdos discrepancy problem, which was published in 1930. The amazing thing is that humans can’t even double check the solution because the equation is too long. The file is 13-gigabytes, and just for comparison, all of Wikipedia is about 10-gigbytes.
According to renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil, by 2029 AI will be at about the level of intelligent adult humans. Beyond that, anything is pretty much possible, especially if AI can get exponentially smarter. For example, Kurzweil believes it could lead to something called singularity, which is where humans and machines will meld into one entity.

5. AI will take over the human jobs soon:
At the rate at which Artificial Intelligence is being adopted in various areas of our lives, it is predicted that it will replace 16% of our jobs over the next decade. It is a fact that with increased intelligence and ability to perform tasks with accuracy, over the next few years it is predicted that close to three million workers will be reporting to or will be supervised by “Robot-bosses”. With Machine learning and language recognition, it is no surprise that 85% of telephonic customer service jobs will be performed by computers and will not need human interaction.

Nadira Anjum
Department of CSE

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Re: Five interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Thank you very much for such an informative post. :)
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Re: Five interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Re: Five interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Thanks for sharing...  :) :) :) :)

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Re: Five interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Thanks for the informative post.
Tajmary Mahfuz
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Re: Five interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Thanks for sharing