The Actual Meaning of Textile Engineering

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The Actual Meaning of Textile Engineering
« on: September 10, 2018, 05:27:11 PM »
What is the work of textile engineers? What do they actually do? Why are the people of the textile industry employed to pay them high salaries?

Many of the people ignores Textile Engineers. They think that textile engineering is not a part of engineering. They also think dress or cloths not need any engineering. Even 80% people of our country know just a few about textile engineering.

It is a complete manufacturing based process where an engineer has to start from machine setting to work with process control, product development, gear mechanism and maintenance. Spinning engineers have to know how to input the program's input. Wet processing engineers must be best quality chemical engineer.

NASA scientists who have been working to send people in space for a long time, they have employed numerous textile engineers to design space suites and nanofiber, carbon fiber shields.

Recently, BUET has started using non-ozone Jute Technology as civil engineering for Geo Textile. In the future, when Geo-Textile is being taught as a regular subject of civil engineers, Bangladeshi textile engineers will be appointed as a teacher for this course.

In fact, the textile engineering sub-sector has all the similarities with IPE engineering and mechanical engineering.

However though many people don't like textile engineering as profession, but only textile engineers in Bangladesh have started branding in the "Made in Bangladesh" tag at the international level. Nowadays many organizations (like Walton) claim that they are banding Bangladesh. How many people who use Walton in the hundreds or thousands of international brands, know?

Keep in mind that the world's second largest jeans brand H & M takes only $ 130 million worth of products annually from Bangladesh. Today, who are accustomed to watching movies in Hollywood, how many of them know that these celebrities know Bangladesh as a brand? Grade one jersey, from the Nature comfort trail dress to the football World Cup, the famous companies like Diesel, Reebok, Nike, Puma, all depends on the textile products of Bangladesh.

And the textile engineers of this country have made Bangladesh known as a brand in the world. The international community has declared Bangladesh as the next China in textile sector. So we should feel proud for the textile sector of our country and also for the textile engineers.
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Re: The Actual Meaning of Textile Engineering
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2018, 12:26:33 PM »
Nice post...
Manik Parvez

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Re: The Actual Meaning of Textile Engineering
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Thanks for sharing.........
Md. Mominur Rahman

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