Hainan Province

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Hainan Province
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Hainan is China’s most southern province and the country’s only tropical island area. Average annual temperatures of 22–26℃ make the region a hot spot for winter vacations. The island is also a popular destination for exploring nature and culture, from scuba diving and spotting tropical plants and animals, to river rafting and discovering the folk customs of ethnic minorities.

Yalong Bay
Sanya Yalong Bay Scenic Area is located inside the Yalong Bay State Tourist Resort and consists of Butterfly Valley, Sea-shell Museum, Totem Square (Yalong Bay Central Square) and Yalong Bay Beach, known in China for its inscription ‘first beach under heaven.’

Yalong Bay
Located 23 kilometres southwest of Sanya, Tianyahaijiao (the end of the earth and the corner of the sea) is a landmark attraction in Hainan. China’s southern extremity is marked by the Chinese characters  for ‘the end of the earth’ and ‘the corner of the sea’ on two huge stones in the calligraphy of Guo Moruo, a famous writer in China.

Memorial to the Five Officials
In the past, Hainan was a place where officials were banished, quite often because of losing power struggles in the Imperial Court. The Memorial to the Five Officials is a 16th century building complex dedicated to five such officials from the Tang dynasty (618–907) and Song dynasty (960–1279). The complex is a showcase of historical structures (including one that claims to be Hainan’s first building), as well as classrooms, studies and temples.

Memorial to the Five Official
Hainan cuisine
Wenchang chicken, Jiaji duck, Dongshan lamb and Hele crab are the top four most famous dishes that hail from Hainan. However, other authentic Hainanese food, such as fresh seafood, tropical fruit, coconut treats and local snacks also make for a mouth-watering menu.

Fujian Province
The birthplace of a goddess and home to one of China’s most livable cities

Sichuan Province

High-altitude grasslands and fertile plains, a giant Buddha, and giant pandas