How to Get Rid of Self-Conscious towards Building Self-Confidence

Author Topic: How to Get Rid of Self-Conscious towards Building Self-Confidence  (Read 642 times)

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Is it just me or even you get nervous and a little bit self-conscious every time you walk into a room of people you don’t know? I know it’s not just me because it happens to all of us.

Here, I’m gonna show you how to get it over with in time.

1. Challenge your negative thoughts (e.g. “I’m not good enough”, “I’m gonna screw this up”, “I might not be liked by others”)

Challenge it, don’t just accept it

Ask yourself: Why won’t people like me?

If the ANS: Maybe, I’ll say something stupid.

Ask yourself: what would you say?

If the ANS: Maybe, I won’t say anything and people will think that I’m boring.

Then ASK: Why won’t I have anything to say?

Challenge yourself. When you go to a meeting or maybe, in friend circle things get outta hand. There will be negative ideas and negative thoughts always but you don’t have to let them rule you.

2. Learn to control your breathing (In to the nose, out to the mouth)

When you get nervous, you take short little breaths and these short little breaths cause us to be more anxious than we are actually maybe or need to be. Take a deep breath from your nose and release it slowly form your mouth.

Try it, you gonna see yourself relaxing after it.

3. Face your Fear

If you are the person who is never going out because you are scare to interact, meet people, talk to people or just to avoiding the situations then remember you are willing to be uncomfortable all by yourself.

You gotta go...
You are gonna be uncomfortable, awkward and feel like running away if you don’t go out.

If you never do, you never gonna get better.

Even if you stayed there for 10 min, but you’ve went there, that’s the big deal.
Next time go for a bit longer, in time what you going to learn that you actually can.

Fight your fear.

4. If No. 3 doesn’t work talk to a Therapist

Lot of time we individuals have tough time when things don’t get quite work out. Maybe you can give some advice to someone if they need but when it comes talk about you go blank. Go to Therapist and seek counseling, they are the people who is ready to help when you are going through tough time.

5. If all fails, then there are some great medications out there to help you to take the edge off.

Always remember you don’t need to feel like this, you don’t meant to feel like this, You are beautiful, special and you deserve to have wonderful interpersonal relationships.

Go out, Enjoy your life.