Globalization, Ngos and Multi-Sectoral Relations

Author Topic: Globalization, Ngos and Multi-Sectoral Relations  (Read 1631 times)

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Globalization, Ngos and Multi-Sectoral Relations
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This paper seeks to make sense of the impact of globalization on nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations. We argue that globalization processes have contributed to the rising numbers and influence of NGOs in many countries, and particularly in the international arena. International NGOs and NGO alliances are emerging as increasingly influential players in international decision-making, and we discuss some of the roles they can be expected to play in the future. We consider whether the emergence of domestic and international NGOs as important policy makers strengthens or weakens the future of democratic accountability, and we suggest several patterns of interaction among civil society, government and business in future governance issues.

Source: Brown, L. David and Khagram, Sanjeev and Moore, Mark H. and Frumkin, Peter, Globalization, Ngos and Multi-Sectoral Relations (July 2000). Hauser Center for Nonprofit Org. Working Paper No. 1.

Available at SSRN: or
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