How to Write Software Requirements

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How to Write Software Requirements
« on: April 19, 2019, 12:23:04 PM »
Why Write Good Quality Software Requirements?
Writing software requirements will help capture even the smallest details of the customer needs.
Capturing every details of requirements will help dev achieve great code coverage which will lead to lesser bugs.
Will help the dev in understanding the  business rules better.
Stake holders can give early feedback on what they intend to see with the software.

Process of Writing Good Software Requirements
In Agile software models, customer requirements are more commonly referred to as User Stories. A good user story should contain the following information.

Who the requirement is for
What output will the user expect to see?
What actions will bring about the output?
User stories can also include ‘conditions of satisfaction’. These terms elaborate the user stories with much more clarity and detail.

Since the Agile software model was created, Mike Cohn, the co-founder of Scrum methodology, proposed a template to write an effective software requirement using the Keywords As, When and Then. The template will look like:

As <user> when < this action happens> then <this will be the output>

For more details: