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Significance of International Parents' Day


Significance of International Parents' Day
International Parents’ Day, as the title suggests is celebrated to appreciate parents for the sacrifices and hard-work that they do while raising children. Read on to learn more about the significance of International Parents’ Day.

International Parents’ Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year in many countries. It is a day to celebrate all that parents do for us. We celebrate the love, guidance and dedication that parents put towards raising us. Many countries celebrate this holiday to honour the most important persons in one’s life; parents.

Just like there is a day charted for children, international rights dedicated a day to the parents. A day we respect our parent for all that they do for us. Many countries declare it a holiday and non working day. It is done to provide respite to the parents who are working. It was chartered so that children can learn to appreciate their parents, own or foster.

When is Parents’ Day Celebrated?

As mentioned before, International Parents’ Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the July month. International Parents’ Day was or will be celebrated on the following days around the globe.

2014   July 27
2015   July 26
2016   July 24
2017   July 23
2018   July 22
2019   July 28
2020   July 26

Parents’ Day celebrations are observed in different countries yet the significance of this day remains the same. Here are some of the reasons we need and should celebrate Parents’ Day.


Parents deserve to be appreciated for everything that they do for us. They dedicate the best years of their life in raising us. It should not definitely be restricted to a day yet everybody likes a special day. Just like we feel so special on our birthday, parents too feel special when there is a day dedicated to their appreciation. In many countries it is the custom to present flowers or gifts to parents as a token of appreciation. In some places programs are organized where children perform for their parents and give speeches. Whatever be the mode, it is a good day to show some appreciation.


Today’s generation is constantly in a state of flux. Barriers don not exist more for them. It is not a rare case that one’s children live abroad. If not abroad, they live in a different state or in a different part of the city. It is inevitable. Children will grow up, go off to study, get jobs and have their own families. It requires shifting of location. Children cannot stay with their parents all their life. Parents’ Day is a day that encourages such kids to come and meet their parents. The day fosters reunion. Long dispersed families come together to celebrate.

A Break Day

As Parents’ Day is celebrated on Sunday it is a holiday for most of us. This is an extremely positive thing for parents who are working. An off day is like a god given boon to tired parents. Many children relieve their parents of their daily tasks for a day and try to manage he house themselves. A day might seem too small a time, but the tired parents appreciate it. Even a day’s relief is precious. Further it shows them that their kids are actually concerned about them. Families can get together and do something special on this day.


Celebrations are always fun and parents deserve to have some fun. A lot of activities take place around town on Parents’ Day. Parents can attend them and enjoy themselves. It is a way of giving back to them what they have sacrificed. Many children organize little parties to celebrate this day in their homes.

Importance of Family

A day like this makes one realize the importance of a family. A family cannot function without parents. Parent’s work hard to hold their families together. This day makes the kids realize the kind of effort their parents put to maintain the family.

This might be a new day in the list of the memorable days that we celebrate, but its significances are deep. This is one day that families becomes one and come together all over the world to celebrate with gusto the importance of parents.

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