History and Functions of the Ministry of Jute and Textile of Bangladesh

Author Topic: History and Functions of the Ministry of Jute and Textile of Bangladesh  (Read 1671 times)

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In a developing country, industrialization is an essential pre-requisite for rapid and sustainable economic development and social progress. Rapid industrialization begets the modernization, structural transformation, and diversification of the economy, technological progress, accelerated economic and job growth, increasingly growing productivity and incomes, cost-effectiveness and standard of living.  These are the universally recognized dynamic determinants of industrialization, which is the reason why the Government of Bangladesh now sees it as of great relevance and importance. Before independence, there was a department of Commerce and Industries in Dhaka, the then provincial capital. After liberation of Bangladesh a new Ministry was created as Ministry of Commerce and Industries in 1972. The ministry was shifted from Bangladesh Secretariat to the present place in 1978. Afterward it was divided into 3 Ministries i.e.,
           (1) Ministry of Commerce
           (2) Ministry of Industries
           (3) Ministry of Textile and Jute

Ministry of Textiles was established in 30 June, 1977.  It was merged with Ministry of Industries in 1982. Again the Textile part of the Ministry of Industries became Ministry of Jute & Textiles in 1985. Ministry of Jute & Textiles was later divided into two parts namely: Textiles Ministry & Jute Ministry in 1986. Finally unified Textiles Ministry & Jute Ministry emerged as Ministry of Textiles & Jute in 2004.

Functions of Ministry:
Government has allocated following business to this Ministry vide SRO No.82-Law/2008-CD-4/4/2008- regulation dated 31/03/2008 Published in Bangladesh Gazette on March 31, 2008:
1.Textiles & Jute policy, planning, implementation and evaluation.
2.Administration of state owned Textile and Jute industries and properties of BJC (Defunct)
3.Administration of Jute Ordinance, Formulation and Administration of Jute industries policy.
4.Coordination of internal and external marketing of Jute yarn and Textiles including synthetic, specialized, power loom and products and their transportation and shipment.
5.Overall Coordination of export of Textiles and Jute products and its market promotion and related matters.
6.Collection, processing and publication of all Textile statistics & statistics in respect of Jute industry, Jute production, Jute marketing and export etc.
7.Promotion and development of foreign investment in Textiles & Jute industries and employment of foreigners in Textile industries.
8.Correspondence, contracts and agreements with international agencies and other countries for technical cooperation and assistance in respect of Textiles & Jute products.
9.Regulation, Supervision and Certification of the standard and quality of Textiles & Jute products including their raw materials/ingredients.
10.Determination of overall requirements of raw materials for government-owned Textiles and Jute Industries and formulation of policy guidelines in this respect.
11.To facilitate promotion of Textile and Jute industries and related matters in the private sector.
12.Promotion, Research and development of Textiles and Textile raw materials.
13.Technological (Industrial) Research of Jute and Diversified Jute Products and development of Diversified Jute Products and their market research.
14.Promotion, establishment balancing and modernization and replacement of Textile mills/factories in public sector and handlooms.
15.Setting up of Commissions as and when required on any subject for study/investigation on Textiles & Jute industries.
16.Matters relating to Textiles & Jute industries, Jute and Textile products.
17.Education and training of Textiles and Jute technology and human resource development in these sectors.
18.Administration and control including financial matters, relating to this Ministry and subordinate/attached Department, Directorate, Corporation, Board and other Agencies.
19.Supervision and regulation of dealing in Textiles, Textile products, Jute and Jute manufactures.
20.Agreement for transport and shipment of Jute and Jute goods manufactured within the country and to foreign countries.
21.Matters relating to Sericulture Industries.
22.Matters relating to Primary Textiles, Jute sector of the country and their Technical Evaluation.
23.Liaison with International Organizations and matters relating to treaties and agreements with other countries and world bodies relating to subjects allotted to this Ministry.
24.Regulation and issue of licenses to dealers, exporters of Jute & Jute manufacturers and occupiers of Jute Mills and if necessary suspension of such licence.
25.All laws on subjects allotted to this Ministry.
26.Inquiries and statistics on any of the subjects allocated to this Ministry.
27.Fees in respect of any of the subjects allotted to this Ministry except fees taken in courts.
28.To facilitate Jute, Ready Made Garments (RMG) and Primary Textiles including allied textile-processing industries.
29.Matters relating to the Backward & Forward linkages on Textiles, Jute, Textile goods & Jute goods.

Md. Fouad Hossain Sarker
Assistant Professor and Head
Department of Development Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Daffodil International University

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Re: History and Functions of the Ministry of Jute and Textile of Bangladesh
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What a great post it is...........keep it up Sir

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Re: History and Functions of the Ministry of Jute and Textile of Bangladesh
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Most of the people of Textile and Clothing sector don't know about the functions of the above mentioned ministry. But they should..............
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Re: History and Functions of the Ministry of Jute and Textile of Bangladesh
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It is a very informative post. We are very grateful to you.