Library and Information Science Education Problems in Bangladesh

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Library and Information Science Education Problems  in Bangladesh

There are many problems in the LIS education system in Bangladesh. The major problems are as follows:
•   Lack of infrastructural facilities: The majority of the institutes, which are offering postgraduate diploma, have no adequate classroom, lab for practicing cataloguing and classification, and even the department of ISLM of Dhaka University has no sufficient classroom. 
•   Inadequacy of reading materials: Sufficient books, classification and cataloguing tools are not available in all the library and information science institutes in Bangladesh. The two public universities don’t subscribe any journals, which are most important for the students as well the researchers.
•   Inadequate full time faculty member/teacher: Specially, the library and information science institutes are running the postgraduate diploma course with the part time faculty member. All of them have very few full time teachers. So the students are not getting required assistance or academic support from the part time faculty members.
•   Lack of faculty members obtained PhD from the first world countries: There are ten PhD holders on library and information Science in the dept. of ISLM in Dhaka University. Only one of them obtained from U.K, two from Japan and the rest of them are from Indian sub-continent.  There is only three PhD. degree holder faculty members in LIS dept. in Rajshahi University.
•   Lack of attractive job facilities and social status for the library professional: The library and information professionals in Bangladesh are not having attractive and suitable job and the people of the country are not eager to show due respect to the librarians or information professionals and even the Government of Bangladesh is not also sincere to provide proper facilities to the information professionals. So brilliant students are not got themselves into the LIS profession.
•    Big gap between the Academician and the professionals: There is no means/ways of getting together all academicians and professionals in Bangladesh at one time in a year. So the sharing and exchanging of information and experience is totally absent in Bangladesh between the Academician and the professionals.
•   Lack of career development facilities: As there is a scarcity of continuing education and training programme, so the LIS professionals are lagging behind regarding their knowledge and other necessary skills. Moreover, the organizations or institutes where they are doing job are not providing any facilities to enhance their professional skills.
•   Absence of national policies: There is no govt. policy for LIS education system and LIS professionals in Bangladesh. So this has led to loose or decrease the professional dignity of the LIS professionals.

Md. Dulal Uddin
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