Projects Help To Learn and Build Career.

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Projects Help To Learn and Build Career.
« on: August 06, 2018, 02:39:00 AM »
Computing Information System (CIS) a new BSc program in our country. The specialty of this program is, it focuses on the practical learning as well as theoretical. It's like two parallel line competing against each other. Students always complain about not getting jobs after they complete graduations. The main reason behind not getting job is they're not skilled or they don't know how to apply the things that they theoretically learned. Now, the question is why can't someone apply what they learned through out those four years of graduation? Well, we all know the answer. The answer of the question is they practically didn't learn those things. So, who's fault is that? I will say it's both students' and system's. In our country they don't see if someone have skills, they just want to know how good you're at memorizing theories. So, our education system is built on the basis of that. As a result Institutes don't focus on teaching the students how to apply the theories they learned in real life. But CIS is different. It's modern syllabus gives equal importance to practical. This program ensure that student apply the theories they learned as every semester students have to submit a project on what they learned through out the semester. As they make those project it increases their skills. The time's changed. These days you don't get job if you don't have skills. No matter what your field of study is, you need skills. And projects help to apply the theories in every steps of making the project. Those projects make student ready for the job, responsibilities and the coming days. Projects make that happen. Therefor, not only the students of CIS, everyone should make a project on what you learned. Not because institutes force you to do it, do it to learn.
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