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Norway or the Kingdom of Norway has the world’s fourth highest per capita GDP – $54,397 – allowing its five million populations to reap the profit of its strong economy. Having large-scale reserves of natural gas, petroleum, minerals, seafood, and fresh water, Norway is the third biggest exporter of natural gas, eighth biggest exporter of crude oil, and ninth biggest exporter of refined oil in the world. Among these publicly known facts, there are some fun facts about Norway that are not so familiar. Some of those follow bellow:

Norway exports its garbage to Sweden to help her run her fuel energy programs by recycling garbage.

Norway holds the position of having won the most number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Winter

Hell is the name of a town in Norway which freezes in every winter of the year.

Norway experienced a butter shortage in 2011 resulting in smuggling of butter. One online auction for butter reached as high as $77 for a packet of butter.

The TV owners in Norway need to pay an annual fee of $300.

Grocery prices in Norway are so high that some Norwegians travel to Sweden to buy inexpensive food items.

Norway holds the pride of inventing cheese slicer.
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