Tobacco Consumptions and its prevention

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Tobacco Consumptions and its prevention
« on: August 11, 2018, 08:39:01 PM »
Compliance Level of Tobacco Control Law in Public Transportation: Realizing Ways to Overcome
Dr. ABM Alauddin Chowdhury
Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health, DIU

Proposal Abstract
Bangladesh enacted smoking and tobacco products usage control act in 2005 after being partner of WHO FCTC and amended the act in 2013. The act prohibited smoking in public transports and provided some guideline to keep the transports smoke free. However, experts identified some challenges regarding implementation of the law such as sensitizing people to comply with law, establishing and strengthening support service to quit tobacco products (contrary to WHO FCTC) etc. Prior studies indicate that tobacco control law and policy helps to reduce indoor and outdoor smoking. Hence the study aims to explore the compliance level of tobacco control law in public transports (bus, passenger vessels and train) in Bangladesh using a survey among 405 passenger’s respondents of the mentioned transports. The study will be conducted in mixed method approach using observational (12 observations) and interview protocol (12 key informants’ interviews) as data collection tools. A triangulation method in both of study design and data presentation will be used. Study findings will be presented in thematic, tabular and graphical arrangement along with descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. Nowadays, the Government of Bangladesh is concerned about the consequences of tobacco smoking related problems on society and trying to fight against such an acute problem in our country. The study findings will have potentials scopes and uses of its significant outcomes for tobacco smoking control as well as reducing smoking related immature death in Bangladesh.