Let’s make a place for young entrepreneurs in IT sector in Bangladesh

Author Topic: Let’s make a place for young entrepreneurs in IT sector in Bangladesh  (Read 3084 times)

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Let’s make a place for young entrepreneurs in IT sector in Bangladesh

We live in a world of competition and IT businesses are running inside a competitive market. But who are being the winner and who are being looser? From the place we live now (Bangladesh) can’t understand the global technology crisis and innovation crisis. I will not tell this is exactly with ‘crisis’ word. The world is being more and more thirsty because it is already getting also more and more taste of technology. So generally it’s thirstiness will increase. From Bangladesh we don’t practice to know the rest of the world. Just think that before Facebook (especially I am tagging this name because most of the people only know this name when we talk about sharing) how much content we shared? How many times we sat down in front of the internet.

The world is changing but Bangladesh is not going through that change. We follow things when those are popular in the rest of the world. Just think about digital journalism, digital content sharing, mobile web, digital office, ecommerce. Can you remember when those latest gift of technology has invented by people and can you remember when we got this? Time difference is too long. But they are also learning and implementing, that’s why they are creating and sharing. We can’t. Why? I will not give the answer today. Just try to find the answer yourself.

We have the knowledge and human resource but we don’t have the proper guidance. Agree with me? Yes, you have to. We are so lazy to implement before other’s implementation. Always most of the famous (?) people of Bangladeshi IT market tell that we have the skilled human resource and we need to do it, we should to do it. And when they write down any column in media and when their speech broadcast on TV media then we always hear about their contribution to our country. May be they never learn to praise others. I will not mention any person here but they do and they always do and they always want to become the builder of Bangladesh. I will not talk about this right now. I am here to talk about young entrepreneurship in IT business or project.

A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so is called entrepreneurs. Sometimes I see in web and rare in newspapers that one young has made this or one person has invented this or one student have built it. But I don’t know that those famous people did any help to that boy or person or student? This is difference between other country and Bangladesh. We are not habitual to show admiration for others.  There are so many innovation hidden in each corner of Bangladesh that is really essential to make Bangladesh more advance. But we can’t organize all of it.
I have found some obstacles if you want to establish an IT business or IT innovative project. Those are:
•   Financial crisis
•   Proper guidelines to make that more professional
•   Lack of contribution by others

Suppose you are going to develop a news sharing website that will be a open source news sharing platform. Just make a project proposal and go to any IT famous (?) person and tell about it. Will they help to your project without any profit? Or will any financial organization will give you some financial support for that? No, this kinds of situation hasn’t created yet!! But we should create this platform very fast. Because we have the idea to make Google, we have the brain and skill to make facebook, we have the idea and effort for making Youtube. Haven’t we? Yes, of course. But most of the young can take this kinds of initiatives but at a certain stage they lose their encouragement because of the environment of Bangladesh. Who will come forward and who should take care of this?

We always talk about Freelancing but who are freelancers actually? Which person is talking in TV media, is he a freelancer or who is bidding for getting a project by convincing the buyer? Who is? So we should understand these problems for whom and how we should solve. There are so much small projects are getting older in Bangladesh without any help of those famous persons or any financial institutions. Why there is nobody to collect that things and why someone is not giving their hand for them? To encourage the young you should talk from their platform not from yours. Without encouragement no young can be encouraged to become a entrepreneur. But young entrepreneurship can change the Bangladesh. Always it’s not possible to make a great company by taking an office in a corporate space or advertising on TV media by your own money. Sometimes some ideas are the key.

There are none of plans we see to encourage the young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. We should. If we can’t take care of this as soon as possible then this kinds of skills will be old aged and then all of us will miss them. Professional businessman can establish a PC sales and servicing center and can run a broadband internet service providing company but they can’t think more to make Google, Facebook, YouTube in Bangladesh. Am I right or wrong? So bring forward and make young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh that will help Bangladesh to make some new and worthwhile identity of Bangladesh.
G. M. Shaharia Azam
CSE Department

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