Invitation for the students to join the chat room

Author Topic: Invitation for the students to join the chat room  (Read 2478 times)

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Invitation for the students to join the chat room
« on: February 05, 2009, 08:00:16 PM »
Hello Dear Students,
In answer to the quary of you, I would like to furnish the following: Please send an email to the administrator to be tagged with my chat room. Choose a username and then send it along with your email number. The admin will take few hours... then they will send you a mail immidiately. But dont forget, they will perhaps send email into your DIU email account. Then you will be able to enter into the chat room. Please note that I shall be available specially on every Wednesday 4:00-5:30pm and every Thursday 9:30-11:30 pm. I might also appear on other free hours to chat with you.

N.B. If you are my current student of Statistics and have completed the Student Survey form, you need not to do anything. Next week, all of my current students will be tagged in my chat room by creating your user ID by the administrator. I have been working on it. Just collect it from me after the class. If you are my ex-student, please send your email and user ID to our administrator or meet me at my office; I shall do the needful.

 And if you are not my student of Statistics, or if you are anybody realted to our DIU community, I shall be very happy to get you with my chat channel where, I am sure, lot of fun and learning are waiting for you. You will have to do the same thing to be recognized in the chat room. Please do keep in mind that the name of my chat room is Masud I Rahman. Stay cool and have fun.
Thanking, Masud Ibn Rahman, Faculty of Business and Economics