ISLM-103: Lecture#05

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ISLM-103: Lecture#05
« on: October 17, 2018, 05:15:41 PM »
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Science and Library Management
ISLM-103 (Information Sources and Services)
Lecture #05
Date: Oct 06, 2018

What is a reference services?
Ranganathan defines Reference Service as: “Personal Service to each reader in helping him to find the documents answering his interest at the moment pin pointedly, carefully and properly‟ (Ranganathan, 1961).

Reference services are the services provided by the reference department in a library that helps the library patron to get access to the information that they needed.

Reference Sources
Dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, handbooks, manuals, yearbooks are few to name as examples for reference sources. Thus reference sources are key players of library reference services.

 Reference librarians will help the student to locate the information that they need faster and in the right way. Some of the task and services provided by the librarian in the reference department are:

1)     Teach patrons on how to use the library catalogue
 2)     Help patrons how find out books on shelves
3)     Recommend books to the patrons
4)     Teach user how to use online database
5)   Advice on how to search information in database

Types of Reference Service

•   Assistance in finding the answer to specific reference questions.
•   Assistance in developing research strategies for reports, term papers, theses, and dissertations.
•   Instruction in the use of the Library and its resources.
•   Verification of Library holdings and referral to institutions which have materials this Library lacks.
•   Orientation to the Library through tours, tutorial sessions, subject specific workshops, etc.
•   Compilation and production of various instructional aides.
•   Online search service.
•   In-depth reference appointments for faculty and grad students engaged in research based endeavors.
Document Delivery Service

 Document Delivery Service (DDS) is concerned with supply of documents to the users on demand either in original or its photocopies, irrespective of the location and form of the original documents.

Modes of Document Delivery Service Libraries Endeavour to meet the demand for documents through different methods.

Reprographic Service

Reprography is a term used to refer to photocopying as well as duplicating documents whereby one or more copies of the same size or in reduced or enlarged form are produced.

Importance of Reprographic Service

1. It helps in the dissemination of information.
2. It facilitates the work of Inter-library-loan.
3. The documents reproduced in microforms helps in solving the space problem.
4. It acts as a duplicate of the original copy.
5. It helps in saving the original document.
 6. It saves the time of the users.

Difference between Information and Reference Services

Information Services                                                                                      Reference Services
It refers to non-traditional approach.                                           It refers to traditional approach
The emphasis / importance is to provide information                    The emphasis is to provide document services
To provide exact information to meet the users need.                   To provide ready and listed information
Information providers does not wait for the users.                   Information providers wait for the users
No need to maintain any rules to provide information services    Need to maintain any rules to provide reference services
Users can information services directly                                           Users can reference services indirectly or need base. 

Dr. Md. Milan Khan