Mushroom use as food and Medicine

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Mushroom use as food and Medicine
« on: November 09, 2011, 12:11:04 PM »
Mushroom used for thousands of years for food and Medicinal use. Basically it is a fungus . This fungus uses traditionally in tribal community as vegetable or herbal product. There are more than 14.000 types of mushrooms, which can only be used for hundreds of edible  and Medicinal use. The mushroom is very delicious food. Approximately 80-90 percent of the water, a very small amount of caloric, and some fiber and sodium.


Uses of Mushroom

* Increase the ability of the mushroom body and preventing disease.
* Reduce diabetes.
* The prevention of heart disease and high blood pressure.
* The prevention of cancer and tumor.
* The prevention of hepatitis B and jaundice. Anemia or blood can escape from penury.
* It can help the food to help digestion.
* Kidney disease and prevent it.
* Dengue fever as well as preventive work.
* An increase in sexual energy
* Prevention of Skin Diseases.
* Virus induced immune disease, such as work.    
* Spinal cord and brain healthy and strong.
* Tuberculosis patients, it is useful to stop the night sweating.
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Re: Mushroom use as food and Medicine
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Mushroom has such a good food value. We must take mushroom in our daily meal.
Nice and useful post. Thankyou.
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