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How much color can you put on when you want to represent yourself as powerful and professional?

Our effort will be successful when our DIU graduates will make a good career. Career and Job Interview are  correlated. Interviews are always nerve-wracking experiences. Most people rehearse what they will say and try to imagine what questions will be asked. Interviewees will make sure to be on time. They will agonize over the best outfit to wear to make the best impression.
However, most people don't think much about the color of the clothing they will wear to an interview. Of course, this isn't the most important thing to consider when going for a job interview. But studies have shown that colors do trigger subconscious responses in humans. Why not use that to your advantage at a job interview? Any little trick to make a good impression at an interview can't hurt.
The color black is an authoritative color. However, black should not be worn to interviews as a main color. The reason is that too much black can cause a person to appear distant and arrogant. Wear black to interviews as an accessory, such as a tie.
Red is not recommended as a choice to wear to an interview. The reason is because red evokes emotions more than any other color. It is not a good choice when you want to project a calm, cool exterior. Avoid wearing yellow or orange to an interview for the same reason.
Men should avoid both purple and pink. Both colors symbolize femininity. A male wearing pink or purple to an interview would seem to be undecided and unsure of himself.
Now that we've covered which colors not to wear to an interview, let's find out which colors are the best to wear for a job interview.
Blue is one the best choices to wear to an interview. Blue causes its wearer to seem authoritative. At the same time, wearing the color blue makes a person seem trustworthy. This is a perfect representation to make in front of a potential boss at an interview. Another reason to wear blue to an interview is because blue is most people's favorite color. This increases your chances of the interviewer approving your appearance. Studies have even shown that salespeople and people at interviews who wear blue have higher success rates.
Gray is another excellent choice for an interview. Gray denotes authority without being overwhelming.
Brown is a good choice for job interviews as well. Wearing the color brown makes a person seem calm, trustworthy, and level headed.

Some more tips
Of course, these aren't hard and fast interview rules. It totally depends upon the individual situation. If you are seeking a job that requires creativity, wearing neutrals may be an unwise choice. Also, if your potential future job is in a casual environment, the wardrobe interview rules need not be so strict. An excellent middle of the road color choice for an interview is green.

•   You can wear a red dress or shirt to a job interview. But it’s helpful to know something about the organization’s culture at first.
•   When you’re choosing your colors and your attire, be thoughtful on what you’re doing -and who you’re meeting and what message you want to convey. Ask yourself: “What do I really want to project?… This is a person who’s promotable. This is a person who knows how to establish a presence. ”
•   Colors convey meaning and emotion. Red means luck in Chinese, and red and black are power colors. They may work for an executive or contract negotiators’ job. But if you’re interviewing for an administrative job at a nonprofit, you may be better off in a less bold color – blue or brown or something more neutral. White, Off white, Cream – as in a shirt or Kamiz- suggests clean, purity, honesty.  People do have these subconscious reactions to the colors you’re wearing.
•   If you’re trying for professional with some style, pair a dark suit with a bright colored shirt. Or wear the red shirt but make the rest of the outfit a muted gray with plain professional black shoes. Wear  a tie with some zest to bring in a little color. For female, if you love purple, by all means, carry your purple purse. But the purple purse and shoes and dress will be too much. Brighter colors are fine; just ask yourself: How much is right? To be safe, you may want to wear mostly neutrals and wear just a splash of color
•   If you’re heading to a bank, you need to wear something more conservative. If you’re talking to the creative types,  you may be fine in your bright of colors attire. But if you’re meeting the legal department, tone it down: Wear brown, navy, black to show yourself as someone who fits into the organization.
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Good tips.
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