Terrific Jam in Dhaka City!!!

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Terrific Jam in Dhaka City!!!
« on: July 02, 2012, 03:41:37 PM »
Terrific Jam in Dhaka City!!!
Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, has a great variety of tradition. Dhaka's eye-catching architectures and other famous installations are known and acclaimed at home and aboard.

Being the capital city, Dhaka has many advantages for higher and specialized education, employments, trade and commerce. As such, Dhaka always attracts people from other parts of the country. Apart from many advantages, Dhaka is burdened with many problems also, namely - housing problem, sanitation problem and problem related to water logging, etc. Yet, among many other problems, Dhaka city has been experiencing severe traffic-problem which is a common phenomenon in the city. 

It is estimated that population of Dhaka will not be less than 15 million and yet the city is experiencing influx of population every day from different parts of the country due to the opportunities available and lack of opportunities in the areas from where they come.

Among others, notable causes of traffic jam include violation of traffic rules, terrible road condition, random stoppage of vehicles, unauthorized parking and use of footpath illegally. Narrow roads and congestion are aggravating the situation.
Now-a-days residential areas are also experiencing heavy traffic- jam. This is due to establishment of many schools, colleges, private universities, other educational institutions, private-owned offices and factories in those areas. 

Everyday work-hours are unnecessarily wasted due to traffic jam. It has a great economic impact on production and thus on our economy. Traffic-jam causes untold sufferings to the people going to offices and various destinations. Traffic-jam causes air pollution which affects the respiratory area, causes irritation, headache, fatigue, asthma, high blood pressure, heart diseases and cancer. Experts say if this trend continues unabated, most residents of the metropolis would become exposed to the risk of those ailments and different other health hazards and complications.
Under the above perspective remedies are recommended as follows:

1. Policy makers, city planners, researchers and the related directorates and offices must sit together and find ways and means to address the problem. Coordination is very urgent and important.

2. Must introduce good public transport system so people would use it.

3. Ban rickshaw from the main roads of Dhaka.

4. Lane system may be introduced for various vehicles.

5. Readjustment of office timings depending upon the nature of job of the offices.

6. No shop or other installation is allowed in the footpaths and nearby. 

7. Shifting of educational institutes namely, private universities, school and colleges and other offices from residential zone to outskirts of the city.

8. Commuter Train may be introduced for nearby city dwellers.

9. Traffic management should be improved further for which necessary training or facilities may be available.

10. Unregistered rickshaws must be withdrawn arranging alternatives for their employment.

11. Unauthorized parking of vehicles must be stopped.

12. Traffic-jam takes serious turn during the holy month of Ramadan. In this view, extra monitoring system must be taken.

13. Last but not the list, everybody have to respect the rules and regulation.

For easy and uninterrupted movement, Dhaka city without traffic jam is very much desirable. This will mitigate the sufferings of the people. Moreover, valuable time will also be saved. Working together, we can achieve the goal.

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Re: Terrific Jam in Dhaka City!!!
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Is it really possible to follow these???????
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