Communication Skills

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Communication Skills
« on: November 24, 2018, 12:27:59 AM »
Communication is a way of sharing thoughts, views, ideas, feelings, opinions. All living beings communicate. Communication is one of the fundamental skills of survival. As humans our way of communication is different than others. Our way of communicating is easy and sophisticated at the same time. Humans are highly intelligent in comparison to other creatures. That gives us extra advantages. That is one of the reason human’s long survivals in the world. There are various ways of communicating. And the high intelligence of humans comes in play here.
Humans can communicate in three different ways. As perk of humans biological advancement we can use verbal communication and can speak in meaningful sentences. Another ways to communicate is non-verbally and the third way of communication is visually. Communication holds the people of different races together and plays an important role in living together in a society. Communication doesn’t always help. Miscommunication can lead chaos and war. So, we need to learn the proper ways to communicate.  To be skilled in communicating, we need to follow certain rules and practice them in our lives. In this era of competition communication is one of the skill that can put someone far behind or much ahead from other competitors. And no one wants to be behind! That’s why we’re going to follow these rules to increase our ability to communicate.
To be skilled in communicating we need to be good at things like:
•   Listening
•   Speaking
•   Body Language
•   Right Medium
•   Friendliness
•   Keeping Open Mind
•   Respect
•   Feedback
•   Conciseness
•   Showing Empathy

These are the basic requirements to be considered good in communication. Communication is needed for both personal and business goals. Listening is very important for communicating. If someone is not listening to the speaker, the speaker loses interest and affects his message. Also, if someone doesn’t listen attentively he’ll fail whatever purpose he went there to listen. Being active listener is not hard. One just needs to pay close attention and interaction. It’ll help to understand the speaker. Speaking is what human mostly does to communicate. Speaking is basically making meaningful vocal sounds. To speak properly and communicate we have to evaluate whom we’re talking to and selecting appropriate language to speak. Also one has to understand what massage he wants to share and ensure the audience gets it the way he wants. Body language also plays a big rule in communication. Eye contact, hand gesture, vocal tone etc. towards audience helps them understand what message actually the speaker wants to send. Wrong body language might send wrong message. So, the speaker has to control his body language according to his message type. To make sure the targeted audience get the message the speaker has to select the appropriate medium. Or else the message will end up on wrong hands and won’t meet the purpose and goal.
Friendliness helps to share views and thoughts without hesitation. To converse with people we need to be friendly towards them, gain their trust. Otherwise the communication will fail. Being open minded is a primary need of communication. If someone is not in open minded it’ll affect the communication. As it’ll create conflict and won’t be able accept the idea. It may cause chaos. That’s why, being open minded is a fundamental requirement of communication. Respecting others opinion is also important as being open minded. These two terms are related. Because one can’t respect other’s opinion if he’s not open minded.
Giving and taking feedback is also needed to ensure the communication is successful. Otherwise one can’t be sure if the message is sent and received successfully. Conciseness plays vital rule in communication. As people don’t like other people who talk much. Also, people tend to receive message when the speaker doesn’t say much and doesn’t say too little. The speaker has to convey the message with just enough words that explain the message. If the speaker rumbles audience might get frustrated. Besides, the message has to be clear. To make the communication even more successful people has to show empathy to each other. It’ll encourage them to share more and trustfully.
It’s not hard to follow the rules that are mentioned above. But it’s not also easy. Every required skill has barrier. And to win the race of being skillful in communication is to overcome those barriers. Barriers can be personal, physical, psychological and organizational. No one is perfect. But we can’t let that stop us. Making the barriers to strength is what we have to do. The one that can follow and practice these rules in real life can be the winner of the race, achieve the goal and spread his ideas. In this era of globalization the right way of communication can bring huge change through a simple idea.

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Re: Communication Skills
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Re: Communication Skills
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thanks for sharing
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Re: Communication Skills
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