Development of Social Business B2B Model for e-Business Organization

Author Topic: Development of Social Business B2B Model for e-Business Organization  (Read 543 times)

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In this modern age of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), many local and international firms are entering into the e-marketplace, launching new business models and constantly generating new ideas for serving the society. While there are a number of top rated companies running through e-Business platforms worldwide that thrive only for profit; they also can run non-profit, charity-based businesses (social business) which can utilize e-Business platforms to save administrative costs which can then be used to directly help the underprivileged sections of the population. This study develops a Social Business B2B model for the B2B market to help in developing effective strategies in a social business environment. Given the fact that Alibaba provides a very successful B2B e-Business model based in a developing country (China) and that there is an ongoing interest of the proprietor of Alibaba in social business, we examine the suitability of Alibaba as a model for social business B2B framework.

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