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Breakthrough Technologies
« on: December 10, 2018, 02:06:18 AM »
10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2017

    Reversing Paralysis
    Self-Driving Trucks
    Paying with Your Face
    Practical Quantum Computers
    The 360-Degree Selfie
    Hot Solar Cells
    Gene Therapy 2.0
    The Cell Atlas
    Botnets of Things
    Reinforcement Learning

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2016

    Immune Engineering
    Precise Gene Editing in Plants
    Conversational Interfaces
    Reusable Rockets
    Robots That Teach Each Other
    DNA App Store
    SolarCity’s Gigafactory
    Tesla Autopilot
    Power from the Air

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2015

    Magic Leap
    Car-to-Car Communication
    Project Loon
    Liquid Biopsy
    Megascale Desalination
    Apple Pay
    Brain Organoids
    Supercharged Photosynthesis
    Internet of DNA

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2014

    Agricultural Drones
    Ultraprivate Smartphones
    Brain Mapping
    Neuromorphic Chips
    Genome Editing
    Microscale 3-D Printing
    Mobile Collaboration
    Oculus Rift
    Agile Robots
    Smart Wind and Solar Power

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2013

    Smart Watches
    Ultra-Efficient Solar Power
    Memory Implants
    Prenatal DNA Sequencing
    Deep Learning
    Additive Manufacturing
    Big Data from Cheap Phones
    Temporary Social Media
    Baxter: The Blue-Collar Robot

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2012
    Egg Stem Cells
    Ultra-Efficient Solar
    Light-Field Photography
    Solar Microgrids
    3-D Transistors
    A Faster Fourier Transform
    Nanopore Sequencing
    High-Speed Materials Discovery
    Facebook's Timeline

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2011
    Social Indexing
    Smart Transformers
    Gestural Interfaces
    Cancer Genomics
    Solid-State Batteries
    Homomorphic Encryption
    Cloud Streaming
    Crash-Proof Code
    Separating Chromosomes
    Synthetic Cells

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2010
    Real-Time Search
    Mobile 3-D
    Engineered Stem Cells
    Solar Fuel
    Light-Trapping Photovoltaics
    Social TV
    Green Concrete
    Implantable Electronics­
    Dual-Action Antibodies
    Cloud Programming

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2009
    Intelligent Software Assistant
    $100 Genome
    Racetrack Memory
    Biological Machines
    Paper Diagnostics
    Liquid Battery
    Traveling-Wave Reactor
    Software-Defined Networking

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2008
    Modeling Surprise
    Probabilistic Chips
    Wireless Power
    Atomic Magnetometers
    Offline Web Applications
    Graphene Transistors
    Reality Mining
    Cellulolytic Enzymes

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2007
    Peering into Video's Future
    Nanocharging Solar
    Invisible Revolution
    Personalized Medical Monitors
    Single-Cell Analysis
    A New Focus for Light
    Neuron Control
    Digital Imaging, Reimagined
    Augmented Reality

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2006
    Comparative Interactomics
    Diffusion Tensor Imaging
    Cognitive Radio
    Pervasive Wireless
    Universal Authentication
    Nuclear Reprogramming
    Stretchable Silicon

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2005
    Airborne Networks
    Quantum Wires
    Silicon Photonics
    Magnetic-Resonance Force Microscopy
    Universal Memory
    Bacterial Factories
    Cell-Phone Viruses

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2004
    Universal Translation
    Synthetic Biology
    Distributed Storage
    RNAi Interference
    Power Grid Control
    Microfluidic Optical Fibers
    Bayesiam Machine Learning

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2003
    Wireless Sensor Networks
    Injectable Tissue Engineering
    Nano Solar Cells
    Grid Computing
    Molecular Imaging
    Nanoimprint Lithography
    Software Assurance
    Quantum Cryptography

10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2001
    Brain-Machine Interface
    Flexible Transitors
    Data Mining
    Digital Rights Management
    Natural Language Processing
    Untangling Code
    Robot Design

Collected from MIT Technology Review
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