A tale of a student

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A tale of a student
« on: January 21, 2019, 08:09:02 PM »
Being faculty member we everyday deal with out students. But being an adviser we get the unique opportunity to become more than a teacher; a friend, mentor. Students come to us with a happy face while secured a good result and also with a pale face to request to give him various permissions. Today I was talking to a student during his registration process. He was quite conserved. His result in previous semesters are not good but last semester showed a sign of improvement. He started to mention his family problems that was hindering him to concentrate in his study.

He has four sisters and all of them are married. His father is a farmer and usually sell their land to support him. But currently his sisters are creating issues while his father is trying to sell some of their land property. Their intention is to keep as much as possible property for their future profit. Neighbors also discourage his father saying he will waste all the money in Dhaka.

I don't know if the student is 100% truthful but I like to believe my students. I tried to motivate him and also found him motivated to do good in future. Many of our students have similar tale. A struggling tale. This is when they actually become my teacher showing various crude aspects of life. I start learning from them.........   
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