Technology is the main theme in the modern era

Author Topic: Technology is the main theme in the modern era  (Read 1241 times)

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Technology is the main theme in the modern era
« on: January 19, 2019, 03:03:19 PM »
Technology is the main theme in the modern era. It makes our life comfortable. Sometimes, it becomes blessings and curse for human life. Most of the sides are useful and I am agreed for this.

In our general life, firstly, electricity is a precious invention. Without this, life will be stuck. Computer, mobile phone, x-ray machine and most importantly the contribution of Google make our life easier. Nowadays, in medical science, incurable diseases have become curable. General people are getting medical service within the countries, need not visit another country spending a huge amount. In the concern of internet, the education system has been changed. Students are getting online or blended learning services from far away countries. Due to the improvement of online communication services, business and online banking become easier.

In spite of having a lot of merits of technology, human life has become insecure. Every kind of online system, people have to use a personal password, here is the possibility to be hacked though this is not maintaining by himself. Personal privacy has been lost. Among the young generation, especially the high school students misuse the mobile phone. They visit online in the prohibited sites which effects on social norms and morality. Nuclear energy is threatened for human life. Most of the rich countries are using nuclear energy for destructive activities. Civilian people are living in insecure life.

After all, everything has both consequences, both good and bad side. The result depends on the proper uses of modern technology. The earth becomes peaceful and living place by the proper use of technology.
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Re: Technology is the main theme in the modern era
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thnks for sharing
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