DIU BNCC Platoon

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DIU BNCC Platoon
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After the establishment University of Dhaka (1921) the Corps initiated its activities under the provisions of the Indian Territorial Forces Act, 1923. Captain E. Groom was the first adjutant of the Corps. He imparted military training to 100 students and 16 teachers in November 1927. Later University Training Corps was officially founded in June 1928. In 1943, the name of the Corps was changed to University Officers Training Corps (UOTC). The members of this Corps took part in the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971.[3] After independence, Bangladesh Cadet Corps comprising college students, and Junior Cadet Corps comprising junior students, were formed in addition to University Officers Training Corps. On 23 March 1979, University Officers Training Corps, Bangladesh Cadet Corps and Junior Cadet Corps were all merged by President Ziaur Rahman.[3] The organization is tri service combined from Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force.[4] At present, its headquarters is located in Sector 6, Uttara, Dhaka. There are three type of Cadets in BNCC and divided under two broad heads namely, Senior Division and Junior Division cadets. Senior division again has two categories of female and male cadets of various levels of education. The Bangladesh Government Cabinet approved a proposal to bring BNCC under a legal framework and department.[5] The proposal was titled Bangladesh National Cadet Corps Act-2015.[6] The separate department would be under the Ministry of Defense.[7] BNCC sent an delegation to India in a youth exchange program upon the invitation of the Indian Government[8] and participated in Republic Day Camp 2009.[9] The organization participates in Victory day parade.[10][11]
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