our Ego problem.

Author Topic: our Ego problem.  (Read 1050 times)

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our Ego problem.
« on: October 09, 2010, 04:08:30 PM »

In Bangladesh Ego can be termed as a big social problem. We people are highly egoistic and did not want to compromise with it. Especially people who rose higher in ranks or got high position in society or get rich, starts classifying themselves as different class of people than the rest of Bangladesh '. This is a common story in all parts of Bangladesh  that is why we people still salute to higher status. There are many examples where people use their power to exploit other because only they want to satisfy their own ego. Ego tussles can be seen among people of same class. People are usually hurrying to malign others, only because these people have hurt their ego.

In office rivalries are mostly result of hatreds grown due to ego clashes. Many bosses in bangladesh offices are more concerned with their own ego satisfaction rather then the benefits of company or government. Due to their ego, these people starts given themselves extra cover of false perceptions. Ego problems are not restrained only up to office or societies but they are very well present inside Bangladeshi  homes. Ego problems can be seen between all the relations of Father-son, husband-wife, brother-brother or brother-sister, no relations are left alone by the ego problem. With the advent of new technologies and advancement in higher education, these problems are becoming even worse. Now days, a small school going boy or girl also have big ego to satisfy.

 at present  looks that people have forgotten the art of forgiving and respect for others. We are only and only concerned with our and only our ego.
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