Purpose of Medicinal chemistry

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Purpose of Medicinal chemistry
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Purpose of Medicinal chemistry

1.   Understand of how chemicals and drugs work in a biological environment.

2.   Develop skills in the design, synthesis and study of new pharmaceutical molecules.

3.   To prepare new chemicals and with an acquired knowledge of the target disease and of competitive drug therapies, has an important part in framing the hypothesis for the new drug discovery.

4.   To screen for a lead compound and which screening hits need to be re-synthesized for biological evaluation, Purification and proper characterization of the new chemicals.

5.   When an in vitro ‘HIT’ is identified, we can decides what analogous compounds should be obtained or synthesized to explore the SARs(STRUCTURE–ACTIVITY RELATIONSHIPS) for the structural family of compounds in an effort to maximize the desired activity.

6.   Developing in vivo activity for the hit compound in an appropriate animal model. This can often be one of the most difficult steps to accomplish because several factors, such as absorbability, distribution in vivo, rate of metabolism and rate of excretion (ADME), all to solve in the design and preparation of new, analogous chemicals for testing.

7.   To maximize efficacy while minimizing side effects in an animal model.

8.   Through the knowledge of modern organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry, an understanding of the biology that relates to the target disease, an understanding of the pharmacological tests used in the project and sufficient knowledge of the factors that influence ADME characteristics of chemicals in vivo.

9.   To have an understanding of clinical medicine that pertains to the target disease; knowledge of the regulatory requirements for related drugs; a current knowledge of competitive therapies, both in the market and under development by competitors.

10.   To selects the appropriate structural series of compounds to follow and pursues the SARs to identify suitable drug candidates for advancement to safety and clinical testing.
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