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Dangerous diseases that are caused by fast foods


Farhana Israt Jahan:
Four dangerous diseases that are caused by fast foods:

Disease #1: Heart Disease
The more fast food you eat, the more chances of obesity and this in turn, can increase the risk of heart disease as one tends to have lower levels of good cholesterol and higher levels of bad cholesterol.

Disease #2: Liver Damage
Since the distribution of the fast food meal that you eat doesn’t get distributed in the body evenly, the fat tends to accumulate in the liver and can cause permanent damage, inflammation and even scarring.

Disease #3: Stroke
Since obesity causes blockages in the arteries, this can separately result in high “bad” cholesterol levels leading to high blood pressure levels as well. Due to these blockages, the blood that travels to the brain is blocked (as the arteries carry them) and this results in a stroke.

Disease #4: Diabetes (Type 2)
This is again an obesity-related disease which occurs when your pancreas is unable to supply a sufficient amount of insulin to convert sugars to energy. This unconverted sugar floats around in the blood and can raise the risk of one getting Type 2 Diabetes.


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