How Blockchains Help IoT

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How Blockchains Help IoT
« on: March 27, 2019, 04:53:53 PM »
First, it stops everything having to take place in a central server. If thousands of IoT devices are all talking to a central hub that’s trying to log everything, it can quickly fill up space. By doling out the logs to the blockchain, it helps free up resources on the main server.

Second, it helps prevent malicious actors from “poisoning the well.” If thousands of IoT devices all got commands from a central hub, all a hacker would need to do is hack the hub and implant malware to cause mass havoc. By spreading it out in a blockchain, a hacker has no ‘central attack point’ to focus on.

Speaking of hackers, the blockchain also keeps personal details away from prying eyes. If all the logs were stored on a central server, all it would take is one database leak on an unencrypted file, and everyone’s personal details would be available for everyone to see. By breaking up the logs into encrypted blockchains, hackers can’t get at sensitive data so easily.

It also means we can trust the logs that we receive via the blockchain. If all the logs were under the control of one organization, they would have the power to alter them to their will without the public knowing. The non-centralized transparent nature of the blockchain keeps the logs free from tampering and can be trusted much more than centralized logs.
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Re: How Blockchains Help IoT
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Re: How Blockchains Help IoT
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Informative. Thank for Sharing
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Re: How Blockchains Help IoT
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