The Potential of IoT in Bangladesh

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The Potential of IoT in Bangladesh
« on: March 28, 2019, 01:21:44 AM »
The Potential of IoT in Bangladesh

The Internet of Things is essentially a network connecting things all over the world. Things being any electronic device, not just computers and phones. It would connect electronics with embedded computers in them, be it an air conditioner, or a light bulb or a refrigerator, or even a door lock, to each other. The idea is for all these “things’ to communicate with each other and get things done more efficiently.

Think of your car communicating directly with your garage door to open it or close it without any human intervention, or the machinery in your factory automatically requesting maintenance service based on sensor data.  Imagine your fridge creating a shopping list and sending it to you on the way home from work, or your front door automatically unlocking when your phone lets your door lock know that you’re right in front of the door. This direct integration of the world around us with the cyberspace will pave the way for smarter industries, smarter homes, smarter transportation and therefore smarter grids.

Although there are security concerns about how these devices could be hacked once online, measures are being taken to make it more secure and viable for the masses. IoT has the potential to streamline not only personal lives but industries altogether and can thus tremendously impact the productivity and strength of economies worldwide.

It might appear to be a first world technology, but it has tremendous potential in developing countries too. It therefore can impact Bangladesh..................

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