IoT: The coming technotopia

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IoT: The coming technotopia
« on: March 28, 2019, 01:23:20 AM »
IoT: The coming technotopia

There is an interesting old clip on YouTube from NBC's iconic morning talk show 'Today' (also known as 'The Today Show') in 1994, where the hosts and guests quizzically discuss the Internet. Having given out an email address to the viewers for the first time, one of the guests asked “What is Internet anyway?” To which Katie Couric, who was the host then, say, “Internet is that massive computer aid, the one that's becoming really big now.” Still not sure about its nature he further questions, “What, you write to it?”
Imagine writing an article in the early 90s explaining how a new thing called the Internet will soon change everything about everything. Writing about the IoT at this moment is kind of similar. The IoT or the “Internet of things” is an equally revolutionary force as the Internet. Although already in existence, it will be a bigger, even an all encompassing reality very soon.
Explaining what the IoT is can be confusing. In the simplest term, the IoT works by connecting every object that can be connected to the internet and to each other. You may think that is not an especially unthinkable idea, seeing we are already familiar with our mobile phones, TVs and a number of other things being connected to the Internet......................

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Re: IoT: The coming technotopia
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good read