Top Business Process Outsourcing Companies

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Top Business Process Outsourcing Companies
« on: March 30, 2019, 03:30:39 PM »
A List of the Best Business Process Outsourcing Services


Cience is a PaaS (People as a Service) company based in Los Angeles. It has offices in Ukraine and Manila and was established in 2015. Their team of more than 550 employees offers voice services, conversion optimization, and CRM consulting and SI services.

AM Navigator

AM Navigator is a marketing agency based in Stafford, Va. Since 2007, their small team of 5 has specialized in non-voice BPO/Back Office services and digital strategy for a variety of clients.


SalesRoads is a B2B appointment setting and lead generation provider based in Coral Springs, Fla. that was established in 2006. Their team of more than 30 employees offers sales outsourcing and telemarketing services.


Go4Customer is a contact center outsourcing company that is based in Noida, India with other centers in Jaipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Bhopal, India, South Tiverton, UK, and Houston. Since 2004, their team of over 200 experts have been providing voice/call center services and BPO/back office services. Go4Customer works with different industries including information technology, financial services, and consumer products.


WePay is an integrated payment processing provider based in Redwood City, Calif; they have another office in Providence, R.I. Founded in 2008, WePay has at least 270 employees that provide non-voice BPO and back office services. Clients are in a range of sectors including IT, healthcare, and nonprofit.

Abby Connect

Abby Connect is a virtual receptionist firm in Las Vegas. Established in 2005, the team now has 40+ employees. They provide virtual receptionist and answering services for small businesses and mid-market companies in the financial, legal, and business services industries.


VoiceNation is a live answering service company based in Buford, Ga. with a second office in Atlanta. It was established in 2003 and now employs a team of 50. VoiceNation provides voice and non-voice BPO and back office services.


Invensis is an IT, BPO, and call center services company based in Bangalore, India, with an office in Wilmington, Del. Founded in 2000, Invensis's team of more than 350 employees offer non-voice BPO/back office services and call center services.

Unee Solutions

Unee Solutions is a business process outsourcing firm based in Stafford, Texas with additional assets in India and Israel. They were founded in 2007 and currently have a staff of 125 employees. Unee Solutions' solutions focus on lead generation and include both voice outsourcing and non-voice back office services.

SunTec India

SunTec India is a multi-process IT outsourcing company based in New Delhi, India with an additional office in Laguna Beach, Calif. Founded in 1999, SunTec India boasts a team of over 968 employees who provide non-voice BPO/back office services and voice/call center services.


Callbox is a business process outsourcing company based in Encino, Calif., with offices in Singapore, Ultimo, Australia, and the Philippines. Founded in 2004, Callbox's team of 174 provides voice services and non-voice BPO/back office services.


Upcall is an outbound call service based in San Francisco. It was founded in 2016 and now has a team of around 20 that is exclusively dedicated to providing voice services.


Quislex is a legal services provider based in New York but with secondary offices in Chicago, San Francisco, London, and Hyderabad, India. Founded in 2004, Quislex now features a team of more than 1,000 employees. They provide non-voice BPO/back office services to a variety of clients.


GCS is a multi-channel contact center solutions provider based in Salisbury, N.C., with offices in New York, Boston, and the Philippines. Founded in 2001, GCS' team of 271 employees provides voice services, non-voice BPO/back office services, transcription, and HR consulting/outsourcing capabilities.


Wow24-7 is an omnichannel customer outsourcing company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Founded in 2016, Wow24-7 provides non-voice BPO/back office services and voice services

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee is a remote staffing company based in Rockland, Maine, with a satellite office in Noida, India. Founded in 2007, Virtual Employee's team of nearly 700 employees provides non-voice BPO/back-office, web design and development, and mobile app development services.

ARDEM Incorporated

ARDEM Incorporated is a business process outsourcing firm based in Hillsborough, New Jersey with an additional location in India. Established in 2004, ARDEM has over 250 employees. The firm specializes in data entry and non-voice services but are equipped to offer voice call support as well.

Strategic Sales & Marketing

Strategic Sales & Marketing is a lead generation company based in Farmington, Conn. Founded in 1989, the team of nearly 20 offers both voice services and non-voice business process outsourcing and back-office services.


EXL is an operations management and analytics company based in New York, with offices in New Delhi, Noida, and Bengaluru, India, and the Philippines. Founded in 1999, EXL's team of 15,148 employees provides non-voice BPO/back office services and voice services.


Ameridial is a call center agency. They are headquartered in North Canton, Ohio, and have additional offices in Greenville, S.C. and Bangor, Maine. Founded in 1987, Ameridial has about 193 employees that provide non-voice BPO and back office services.  Clients are in the healthcare, nonprofit, and consumer products and services sectors.

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