How does childhood trauma affects personal relationships in adulthood

Author Topic: How does childhood trauma affects personal relationships in adulthood  (Read 708 times)

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Personal relationships in adulthood are the frequent casualty of childhood trauma. Attracting toxic relationships or even avoiding relationships altogether often happens to people who experienced considerable trauma during their childhoods.

For better or worse, the individuals in one's life reflect who they are, on one level or another. This is why people with high self-esteem, confidence, and positive self-image tend to attract beneficial relationships and opportunities. Likewise, someone who lacks the traits above generally attracts negative and parasitic people and circumstances. Friendships and romantic relationships often serve as manifestations of one's inner thoughts about themselves. This is why driven and successful individuals frequently attract supportive partners. It's also why people who lack ambition or purpose in life usually attract partners who are narcissistic, abusive, emotionally unavailable, or otherwise unhealthy.

Left unchecked and unresolved, childhood trauma impacts both personal beliefs and personal relationships. Someone who was abused, neglected, or mistreated in their earlier years of life may genuinely view themselves as undeserving of loving, supportive, and healthy relationships. Moreover, they may view themselves as unworthy of accomplishments, thus leading to a lack of drive and ambition. Self-image and personal relationships are two of the most critical elements of what makes every individual who they are.

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