Partnership Business and Its Legal Procedure and Compliance

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Partnership Business and Its Legal Procedure and Compliance

This workshop is very important for those who want to set up a new business. And also for those who have already set up a Partnership business. Moreover, there are some persons who are presently in job and want to do something beside their jobs. For them, this type of business is very congenial as they may not engage themselves with the business directly all the times. And, if we know the procedures and laws for setting up a partnership business, we may reduce some costs for setting up the business.

For the entrepreneurs, business thinkers as well as business promoters, this course shall be very effective. The present business men have also the scope to know some important and necessary legal matters from the course.

While running your business the legal matters should also be complied with, otherwise; there may have raised a serious setback in future. Besides, you can minimize your legal costs by complying with some rules, regulations and guidelines in running your Partnership business. And, these may make better to your business and amplify the profit of your firm as well as contribute to the economy of our Country.

The main purpose of this workshop is to offer A-Z understanding and practical experience on the registration procedure and further legal compliances of Partnership firm in Bangladesh.

How participants will benefit after the course:
1. Setting up a partnership business in legal way

2. Protecting the business from any unexpected loss due to unknown of any legal matter

3. Avoiding any dispute, discomfort among the partners by making a standard Agreement

4. Reducing the unnecessary costs for setting–up the firm

5. Establishing new business and also increasing the economy of our Country


PowerPoint Presentation, Practical drafting, Group Discussion, Question and Answer, Case Study.
Contents of Training:

Session 1

• Definition of partnership, partner, partnership firm and firm name

• Laws relating to Partnership business

• Kinds and features of Partnership firm and example of popular Partnership firms

• Mode of determining existence of Partnership and Managing Partnership property

• Formation of Partnership

• Partnership Interests, Partnership Books

• Contents of Partnership Deed or Agreement and Agreements in restraint of trade

• Office-rent Agreement for Partnership Firm

• Registration Procedure of the Partnership Firm (Forms for registration, Name clearance, Certificate of incorporation, Fees Payment system etc.)

• Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC) & its role

• Benefits and Loss of registration and non-registration and Effects of non-registration

• Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnership

Session - 2
• Relations of the Partners to the third parties

• Holding out , Minority Matter and Rules of evidence

• Mode of giving public notice

• Share, Rights, Duties and Liability of Partners

• Incoming and Outgoing Partners

• Retirement, Insolvency & Expulsion of a partner

• Dissolution of Partnership and Partnership Firm

• Mode of dissolution of Partnership firm

• Profit and loss sharing

• Return submission

• Disputes resolutions procedure

• Necessary legal fees for various related tasks

• The Stamping & Notary Matters

• Post registration activities

- Trade license
- Tax Identification Number
- Trademarks, Patent, Copyright and Design
- Export and Import Registration Certificate
- Fire License, VAT Certificate etc.

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