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The most important thing for you to remember is that prayer comes first! Listen to that voice in your head that is reminding you to pray, and get yourself up to pray. The longer you drag it on and avoid praying, the longer it will linger around in your head and be a source of distraction. But remember, prayer shouldn't feel like a burden. Regardless, once you know that you have prayed, you will feel accomplished and ready to complete the remainder of what you need to get done thereafter.

The second tip is one I am sure you have heard before, and I can confirm that it's definitely the easiest way to stay regular in Salat - plan around your Salat! For example, if you set your alarm for Fajr prayer, it can be a great way to start your day on time! Of course, when Fajr prayer falls at around 4am, it is more reasonable to pray and go back to sleep. Same thing goes for Ishaa prayer, which can be the perfect time for you to end your day, especially during the summer months.

If you're a student who has a break between two classes that fall between Zuhr/Asr time, use this time to pray your Salat! Similarly, if you're someone has a job, take your lunch break during the prayer times so you don't miss your prayers on a daily basis! This can become much easier if perform your ablution before leaving the house, and maintain it for the prayer times.

Something else that can make it is easier is carrying your prayer mat in your purse or school bag, if you do not have access to one at work or school. If you're a germaphobe like myself, you will be much more comfortable praying on a clean prayer mat!

Of course, it is much easier to pray on time when you are at home. However, the majority of us spend much of our day outside of our homes (ex. school, work, etc.). It is during the period of being outside of our homes that we can often miss our Zuhr, Asr and Maghrib prayers.

My suggestion is that if you are at school, find areas where you can pray! I know many Universities have designated prayer areas that even provide prayer mats for Muslims. If you have access to such areas, benefit from them! Otherwise, find an empty lecture hall or empty corner of the school where you are able to take 5 minutes to pray.

For those of you who work, try to ask your employer during the interview process whether you can have a silent area for a few minutes a day to pray. Remind them that Muslims are obligated to pray 5 times a day, for which you will need 5 minutes (during your break) to pray.

Finally, when you are out running errands with your family, you should try to be home before it's time to pray. However, knowing this can be difficult, I suggest you look for Mosques nearby, and go there to pray. If you are unable to do this, you can easily pray in your car! Finally, if you're in a clothing store or mall, pray in the change rooms. This is a simple way for you to pray, and then continue with what you were doing, without needing to go home.

There are many ways for you to catch your prayers on time, if you are keen to do so! The excuse of not having a suitable place to pray is not acceptable.

Your smartphone can be a great blessing when it comes to reminders. There are many apps out there that can remind you to pray, either in the form of a notification or by playing the Azaan. I suggest every Muslim download an app of this sort to assist with praying Salat on time. If you do not have a smartphone on you at all times, write down the prayer timings in your planner, so that you are mentally aware and reminded. For your home, you can find an Azaan alarm clock like this one, that can notify you and your children to pray on time!

I hope that these tricks assist you with becoming regular in your prayers if you have yet to establish them. You must remember that I can list 100's of suggestions on here for you to establish your prayer, but it is up to you to have the strong desire to do so. If you do not put in the effort to make prayer a habit, no amount of tips will get you to pray on time. As Muslims, we must remember our true purpose in life, which is to worship Allah. May Allah enable us to do so, Ameen.