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Effects of renewable energy sources on the power system


Md. Khalid Hasan:
Recently, growing electrical energy market and increasing integration of renewable energy sources (RES) in power systems have lead to new challenges on network planning step and operation, thus it is required to investigate and analyze properly the impacts of integrated RES on the power system. In this paper, the electricity transmission network with wind farms (WF) is modeled. For the grid model, a part of Izmir region is chosen due to the amount of installed generation plants based RES especially wind energy in this region. The comparison between unexpected variations to voltage profile of the power system before and after RES integration to the power system is demonstrated. In the modeling of the electricity transmission network with RES, Digsilent/Power Factory is used as software. The different case studies in integration of different amounts of RES are implemented on the developed grid model. As a result of the conducted case studies, effects of RES on existing power system are evaluated and graphics obtained from the simulation are presented. Especially, the voltage profile of power system is examined.


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